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What I’ve Learned Watching TV

February 2, 20183 min read

I don’t know about you but if I don’t have any work to do, you will probably find me hanging out on Netflix or any other streaming website, watching my favorite T.V shows and movies. I always get yelled at by my parents because it supposedly “stupefies me” but I don’t agree and have realized that T.V shows (and movies) have taught me a lot of things, useful or not. These are just a few examples of them:

  • Gossip Girl has taught me that “social” positions in high school are quite precarious and do not define you as you can lose them as quickly as you’ve been categorized “the loser” or “the popular girl”
  • The 100 showed me that “the bad kids” sometimes take this risk because they have no choice, that the bond of family is probably the strongest and most unbreakable thing in this world, that teenagers can do a lot by themselves and that they can be way more accepting than older people.
  • The Vampire Diaries and The Originals have also taught me the preciousness of the family ties, that you can’t judge someone from the outside and that the most unbearable and mean person is probably the one who has most suffered throughout the course of his life.
  • The Crown has taught me A LOT (almost everything I know) about the history of the United Kingdom.
  • The Fault in Our Stars, I’ve realized that sometimes all you can do is try and have a good time, forgetting all the bad things happening and that life isn’t granted so you should just live it to the fullest, always remembering to show everyone around you that you love them.
  • Now that I’ve watched Stranger Things, I know how to defeat a Demogorgon! Okay, more seriously… I’ve learned that nobody deserves to be cast out of society for who they are and that a real friendship will hold up throughout every drama. Also, nobody ever gets through losing someone, they just try living with it.
  • Harry Potter has equally shown me the importance of friendship at every stage of your life, and that school isn’t necessarily a bad place if you’re surrounded by caring teachers.
  • Riverdale taught me that people do not actually change unless they have a strong want of doing so
  • Finally, 13 Reasons Why showed me that words do matter, especially if said by teenagers to teenagers, that you don’t always see someone’s distress, that suicide hurts more people than you think it will and that it’s important to speak up when being sexually harassed, assaulted or abused.

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