Now Reading: Producer Justin Caruso’s “Good Parts” Looks at The Bright Side of Past Relationship


Producer Justin Caruso’s “Good Parts” Looks at The Bright Side of Past Relationship

September 14, 20195 min read

A respected LA producer and DJ, Justin Caruso’s single Good Parts featuring Mædi perfectly depicts the story of a couple who separated from a toxic relationship with one holding onto the good memories of the past. Finely produced by Caruso with the angelic vocals of Mædi, the raw lyrics and captivating rhythms can be heard in multiple dance floors.

Good Parts was featured on the cover of Spotify’s desired Mint playlist. Owning a collection of hit remixes, such as Blink 182, The Chainsmokers, Martin Garrix, and others, Caruso confidently portrayed his prosperous career. He garnered 50 million streams worldwide and over 5 million streams for his original chart-topping single Talk About Me.

Headlining his own sold-out tours and performing at major festivals, such as Billboard Hot 100 Fest, EDC Las Vegas and Moonrise Festival in Baltimore, Caruso is the definition of success.

Fortunate enough to study at University of Southern California’s prestigious Thornton School of Music, the well-respected producer has opened for prominent artists like 3LAU, Tiesto and The Chainsmokers.

Producing a combination of pop and dance music, Caruso always preferred to have emotional vocals in his music that people can sing along to.

“My passion for music began in high school after a leg injury in basketball. I had a bunch of time to kill since I wasn’t active, so I started to try and make mashups and remixes on my computer and fell in love with it.”

With The Chainsmokers, Ed Sheeran and Porter Robinson serving as his musical influences, he talks about his songwriting process. He starts with a vocal and the piano, working from there afterwards. According to him, he almost sees his original music as a remix to the piano demo of his songs.

“A typical day for me is waking up around 9 A.M., taking my dog Obi out on a walk, and then hopping into the studio for the remainder of the day. I try and take some breaks to workout and play some video games.”

When Maedi sent him the idea for Good Parts, Caruso admitted he fell in love with it right away. He thinks it’s a gloomy tune with an uplifting message, so he wanted to incorporate some emotional piano along with a dance and sing along melody in the production.

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“I want people to be able to see the good parts in their past relationship and not only think of the bad times and the breakup.”

Caruso admitted that he is always filled with so much joy when listening to the final version of his songs. “It’s a sign of completion, and I finally have a minute to sit back, listen and enjoy the song.”

In five years, he sees himself owning his own record, making music and touring around the world. According to him, opening for The Chainsmokers in Nashville about two years ago was unforgettable.

“It was my first time playing with them, and it was my first time hearing them play my Until You Were Gone remix—a dream come true. I just broke down crying in that moment.”

Caruso also said that his experience at the Chasing Summer Music Festival in Calgary was unbelievable. Earning an early slot time, it felt unreal to see a massive crowd supporting him. “It was also the first time I played Good Parts live, so it was amazing to see the crowd reaction on the drop.”

Working with Mædi has been an incredible experience for the producer. According to him, they have become great friends through the process. He plans to work with her more in the future due to her unique talent.

DJ Caruso gave an advice to songwriters, “Work every day and try to write as many songs as possible to get all the bad ones out of the way.”


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