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Review: “Could It Be… Satan?” AHS Apocalypse Episode 4

October 6, 20188 min read

Could it be… Satan? Or could it be… something else? Last week’s promo displayed a whirlwind of excitement for this weeks episode, specifically the upcoming battle between the witches and the Antichrist, but how will it go down?

This weeks episode, ‘Could it be… Satan?‘ Begins with an insight to Langdon’s past and how he became an anti-Christ worshipper. Well, we can all blame Miriam for that one… Instead of praying to the omnibenevolent father we are all aware of, they pray to their father- being Lucifer. More importantly, we learn that the past and non-robotic Miriam (Kathy Bates) is not so innocent, as she happily rid herself of one of her many husbands by poisoning him. It is clear that she wasn’t a good influence on Langdon.

In present day, after Michael Langdon (Cody Fern) has finished filling the gaps for the poor robot, he announces that he needs her help to remake the world (but how do you remake the world, when you’re responsible for destroying it?). Back to a newly resurrected Mallory (Billie Lourd), ‘Bad news b**** you’re back from the dead‘ and guess what that isn’t all, you have had an identity spell on you in order to protect yourself, but what isn’t clear is from what? Langdon goes on to greet the  resurrected lodgers and new arrivals, that claim they are able to save the world, in which he simply responds with, ‘How can any be saved when I have already won?‘ … Let the battle commence, but first it is time for some back story.

3 years before the bomb, in the Hawthorne’s school (Venamol really was telling the truth), trouble arrives when a head officer is gruesomely killed by a teenaged Langdon on an interview tape. Backstory being Langdon magically killed a rude butcher who was offensive to his dear Miriam, which led to his arrest. Regardless of him not only being an out of control warlock with dark magic, but also a classic case of having demonic possession, Grand Chancellor Ariel (Jon Jon Brionee), and the other teachers, take it in their own hands to tame this young warlock. Refusing to see this as the end of the world, the teachers formulate the “perfect idea” of putting him into his rightful place on the hierarchy as the Alpha. Ariel goes on to collect Langdon from the prison cell (not the best decision), where he magically constrains the officer, however, Ariel refuses to acknowledge that Langdon silently kills the officer for his own pleasure. After a few tests at the School for Exceptional Boys, they admit to  him being one of the most powerful warlocks they have ever seen, and realize that ‘this is the moment when everything changes.’ Quite literally….

We’re back at Coven! It has been a good 4 seasons since we have been at Miss Robichaux’s Academy, and Zoe Benson (Taissa Farmiga) is teaching an elegant trick (turning rose from white to red)- quite a contradiction to Hawthorne’s methods of teaching. In the lesson, a pre-charmed Mallory is displaying unique talents- turning a Rose from white to blue, plucking off the petals and then turning them into beautiful blue butterflies- which is both pretty and impressive, it also shows that her abilities clearly stand out from the others. Could she be the one to stop Langdon? Interrupted and unimpressed, the witches are summoned to go to Hawthorne’s academy for an emergency meeting of the council. Ariel’s attempt to suggest Langdon becoming a supreme is instantly rejected due to its deadly dangers, Cordelia honestly admits that one of her own witches was killed during her 7 wonders test, proving that that it isn’t worth the risk from a small assumption on their behalf. As if that wasn’t convincing enough, Cordelia then goes on to explain that men have never been able to become a supreme, throughout history- they are naturally the weaker out of the two, creating inequality  in regards to magical abilities- and therefore, it is impossible that this Michael Langdon they are talking about is the one anomaly.

This tense discussion proceeds to a flashback of one of Cordelia’s unsuccessful saves: the case of Queenie and our favorite hotel. During a period of the past, Queenie (Gabourey Sidibe) was discovered at the hotel Cortez, and it became apparent after Cordelia’s endless attempts that she would be unable to ever leave, after all, it is ‘the entry to everything satanic.’  Meanwhile, during the meeting of the council, Langdon is using dark magic to draw out the hotel. He then goes on to prove the extent of his power by simply walking out with Queenie and ‘do what you queen couldn’t,‘ leaving a now lonely James March (Evan Peters). During his little errand, he decides to pick up Madison Montgomery (Emma Roberts) from her personal hell as a store attendant, ‘Hello Madison.’ Madison instantly responds with, ‘You don’t belong here, you’re not like the others.’ This showing that she clearly recognizes that his relationship with the Antichrist has turned him into something else…

With less sinister music, the witches leave in style to the Glorybox by Portishead, after they settle on a final ‘no’ towards the question of Michael taking the test of 7 wonder, in order to become a supreme. The director (Sheree Folkson) cleverly sets a twist of scenes questioning whether the witches are out of Hawthorne school or not. However, when they do, they are greeted by an unexpected trio that causes Cordelia (Sarah Paulson) to faint.

Overall this episode has probably been one of the best I have watched so far! It ties three seasons together (Murder House, Coven and Hotel) into a new one, whilst refusing to rush or force the awaited battle scene. This episode has deservedly reached a current IMDb rating of 9.5/10. We definitely can expect a satisfactory episode next week.

Lesson today: power and control always leads to corruption.

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