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OhMostWanted Cosmeceuticals: A Review of Their Oh Most Amazing Products

May 7, 20198 min read

Note: These products were generously sponsored by OhMostWanted Cosmeceuticals.

Ever heard of makeup that puts an end to your skin crises, such as frequent acne outbreaks or chapped lips? You may think that this is impossible, but what if I told you that it definitely isn’t? Recently, I got a chance to review OhMostWanted Cosmeceuticals, a Malaysian brand’s amazing lineup of beauty products found by Nora Danish, a successful Malaysian celebrity and I have a lot to share for the sake of all of our skins’ survival!

OhMostWanted Pout-Fect Lips

© Preevena Devi Jayabalan

From top swatch : Lip cream color #09, #05, #07, © Preevena Devi Jayabalan

This matte lip cream magically seals and heals your lips with zero effort needed. The best part? Their lip creams were formulated with natural ingredients such as black seed oil, which helps cure chapped lips; argan oil, a dynamic antioxidant to combat against those free radicals repair damaged skin and vitamin E, a powerful skin conditioning agent. On top of that, titanium dioxide was used to act as a sunblock to prevent the all-too-common phenomenon of dark lips caused by UV rays.

A small swipe with the applicator would be definitely enough to get a full lip coverage. This lip cream comes in 6 colors, 3 of them which I’ve tried out. My personal fave was #07, which was a classic red lip cream. Below are the color swatches of lip cream #05, #07 and #09.

Post application, the texture of my lips were really silky and it gave a feeling as if there was nothing on my lips. It’s long-lasting and couldn’t be removed by just merely wiping it off using a piece of tissue paper which is a good thing, actually. I wouldn’t want to rush to the ladies’ every time after eating just to reapply my lip cream. Right after washing my lip cream away, my lips instantly became smooth and quite pinkish with minimal dry areas. So, if you are the type of person who constantly complains about dry and chapped lips, this is one of the best solutions for you!

OhMostWanted Magic Foundation with SPF 50

© Preevena Devi Jayabalan

The function of this foundation suits its name very well. It’s extremely magical as it poofs away your dreadful bad skin days after quite some time of usage.  This includes treating and preventing acne, replenishing moisture and restoring radiance whilst maintaining a smooth complexion. It even acts as a natural anti-aging skin care product and a high UVA and UVB filter.

The contents of the Magic Foundation are definitely safe to use. Hyaluronic acid, titanium dioxide, ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate, bisabilol (carmomile extract), alkyl benzoate and stearic acid was used in the manufacturing of these products, each functioning as great skin repairing agents. This magic foundation is available in 3 tones and I tried out tone 02 which was slightly darker than the other two tones.

My first impression went to the cute packaging which gave me a Russian doll feel. My next thoughts went to the smoothness of the foundation’s texture as I pumped it out. It was actually water-based and not oily or sticky in any way. I used the foundation with the Magic Sponge, and it was actually quite easy to apply it and the end results were fantastic. It wasn’t cakey, and it gave a medium coverage to my face, making me look all – the -more natural.

OhMostWanted Pro-Face-sional Power Powder

© Preevena Devi Jayabalan

Powder that reduces the appearance of scars on skin, fights acne and prevents aging signs? Well, that could be a prank but not for this beauty product. Formulated with marula oil, vitamin C and vitamin E, this product is completely free of cruelty, oil, alcohol, silicone and paraben with an SPF 35. After trying this product for 3 days, my skin became much smoother and it felt very satin-like. I didn’t even need to use foundation!

This comes in 3 tones too so, I went for the darker tone, which was tone 02. You could actually apply it onto your skin in two different ways to achieve two different results. The first one is to apply it using a dry sponge to get a matte finish and the second way is to apply it using a damp sponge for an even complexion.

OhMostWanted Make-Up Poofer

© Preevena Devi Jayabalan

Has your skin ever felt tight or dry right after using a make-up remover? Well, worry no more! This make-up remover would leave your skin softer than ever and it could be used as your daily facial cleanser as it cleanses the face from dust and dirt. Plus, it’s suitable for all skin types. So, say goodbye to irritation and redness right post-washing your face. As it has a presence of vitamins B3, B5 and E, it’s definitely one of the safest and most nourishing make-up removers that I’ve ever used in my entire life.

OhMostWanted Magic Sponge

© Preevena Devi Jayabalan

This Magic Sponge definitely feels and looks like a marshmallow. It’s just softness overloaded.  With a precision tip for smaller areas such as acne spots, inner eye corners, lids, brow bones and sides of the nose and a rounded area for larger areas, this magic sponge would make your daily make-up application a breeze. It even comes in two colors; pink and green.

In a nutshell, OhMostWanted Cosmecueticals’ beauty products are a really good investment for the betterment of your skin. For more information on OhMostWanted Cosmeceuticals and their products, log onto their website or you could even get the latest news and product updates via their Instagram page.

Featured Image Credits: © Preevena Devi Jayabalan

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