Now Reading: Rising Star Brit Daniels Talks The Premiere Of Music Video For “Deja Vu”


Rising Star Brit Daniels Talks The Premiere Of Music Video For “Deja Vu”

June 12, 20194 min read

Brit Daniels, a rising Nashville artist, has found success in the pop industry since the release of her debut track, a moving pop ballad titled “Eulogy”. Music was always apart of Brit’s life, but it wasn’t until her father tragically passed away in 2017 that she knew she had to take a risk and give music her full attention.

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Her newest single, “Deja Vu” (which dropped in late March of this year) is a lyrically relatable piece of moody pop perfection that’ll make you want to hit the replay button. “Deja Vu” is the perfect addition to everybody’s summer playlists – with clean production, well-written lyrics and a slightly hypnotic but equally melodic beat, it’s no wonder that a music video has been in the works for this one.

With that said, Affinity Magazine is excited to premiere the brand new, official music video for “Deja Vu”!

The stunning new video embodies a neutral color scheme featuring continuous sequences of lightly monochromatic shots. The visuals throughout are captivating and pretty, and as if it wasn’t already hard enough to look away, it becomes even harder when you realize that the shots start to play in reverse towards the end of the video – to encourage the feeling of déjà vu, according to Brit Daniels:

“Since the whole idea of actual déjà vu is about feeling like you’ve experienced something before, and this song definitely encompasses that idea in regards to relationships, we thought it would be really cool to create this sort of avant-garde esque visual to accompany the song. The creator of the video – Matteo at Teo Multi Media – had this really cool idea to put some shots in reverse to add the feeling of deja vu to the visual. I think he killed the vision and idea that we came up with day one of meeting and talking about everything. It definitely still holds the minimalist vibe that I love having in my videos, but also has some fun twists, such as the reverse shots, and similar shots with minute changes to show the same thing happening over and over again (ie. waiting on someone who never shows in a coffee shop), etc.”

The video begins with a close up of willowy dress fabric blowing in a field of wild shrubbery and flowers, closely followed by a rain-shower sequence, which is the first time Daniels makes an appearance. The visuals of the water droplets racing down a fresh-faced Daniels sets the subtly innocent tone for the rest of the video. “Deja Vu” is available to watch globally on YouTube, so make sure you add it to your watch list – you don’t want to give this one a rain-check.

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You can keep up to date with Brit Daniels on her website, FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter and Spotify, and stream/watch “Deja Vu” on Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud and YouTube.

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