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Rising UK Star Jamie Lee Harrison Should Be On Your Radar

October 20, 20183 min read

Newcastle native Jamie Lee Harrison made his debut on Britain’s Got Talent last year and has continued his rise to fame since. His soulful performance of R.E.M.’s “Everybody Hurts” left the judges and world mesmerized. The video has over 100k views on YouTube.

Simon Cowell calls the singer’s voice “impressive” and “brilliant.”

Harrison made his 2013 debut after his long, impressive run on The X Factor with his first single “When We Meet.” It charted eighth on the official UK independent singles chart and is available here.

Since Britain’s Got Talent semi-finalist made his appearance on the show, Harrison has played numerous gigs, most recently his Newcastle Pride performance alongside Alexandra Burke, where Harrison performed in front of a crowd of 20,000. This performance follows the conclusion of his UK tour earlier in the year.

Harrison is certainly not taking any breaks, though. In fact, Harrison has announced new music is on its way along with the release of his new, emotional single, “Powerful.” It begins slow and melodic with winding piano and gently incorporates guitar and strong, soulful pop aspects. The lyrics are hard-hitting and raw. They give the listener something they can relate to, telling them they need to find their inner strength and push past their obstacles.

He teases the upcoming video just days after the single’s release.

Harrison continues to push the message of finding strength in yourself with his new song, along with recurring themes of valuing mental health. Harrison has always been an advocate for mental health, expressing his struggles and support in his song and music video, “Reflection.”

Harrison headlined his biggest show yet at the Newcastle Cathedral after the release of his new single. This throws yet another successful show under his belt.

“I’ve never felt so positive about my career,” Harrison Tweets, referencing his new single and future music, “I’ve had many set backs, but now I have so many extra special things going on.”

Harrison is a small artist still, but he is clearly not undiscovered. Following his recent performances, the singer recently signed with Humble Angel Records. This is yet another huge  step to making his way into mainstream music.

Harrison is currently nonstop, booked all throughout the UK. His future is looking bright with countless performances and future music just months away. His unique, powerful voice is refreshing and real, and his advocacy for such an important cause is moving. With his career taking off, we cannot wait to see what he has to offer.

You can stream Harrison’s new single, “Powerful” on Spotify

Featured Image Via Jamie Lee Harrison’s Twitter

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