Now Reading: Rita Ora is Sorry About her Single “Girls”


Rita Ora is Sorry About her Single “Girls”

May 14, 20186 min read

Rita Ora has finally responded to the backlash over her latest song “Girls.”   The singer posted a screenshot of an apology written on her iPhone Notes app to Twitter saying,

“Hello everyone reading this girl’s was written to represent my truth and is an accurate account of a very real and honest experience of my life. I have had romantic relationships with women and men throughout my life and this is my personal journey.

“I am sorry how I express myself in my song is hurt, anyone. I would never intentionally cause harm to other LGBTQ + people or anyone. Looking forward, I hope that continuing to express myself through my art will and power my fan to feel as proud of themselves as I’m learning to feel about who I am. I’m ever thankful to my Vans for teaching me to love myself no matter what. I have strived to be a contributor to the LGBTQ+ community throughout my entire career and always will be. Love, Rita.”

Many have been calling out her collab with Cardi B, Charli XCX, and Bebe Rexha including other LGBTQ+ artists. 

On her Twitter, Hayley Kiyoko called the song “tone deaf” saying that while she supports and applauds artists who are opening up more and more about their sexual identities” artists need “to use [their] platforms to move the cultural needle forward not backwards.”

“A song like [Girls] just feels the male gaze while marginalizing the idea of women loving women.” Pointing to some of the song’s lyrics, she wrote “I don’t need to drink wine to kiss girls; I’ve loved women my entire life. This type of message is dangerous because it completely belittles and invalidates the very pure feelings of an entire community.” 

“We can and should do better,” she concluded. 

Kehlani also chimed into the convo surrounding the collab tweeting that, while she supports the artists behind the “bisexual bop,” the backlash wasn’t about them but the message they’d chosen to send.

“[H]ate to be THAT guy but there were many awkward slurs, quotes, and moments that were like ‘word? Word’.”

Seeing as the song was inspired by Katy Perry’s 2008 “I Kissed A Girl” the backlash it’s received isn’t all that surprising. Perry’s song faced a lot of controversy back in 2008 for its depiction of queer female sexuality and for queerbaiting. Perry later even admitted in a video with Glamour that the song included “a couple of stereotypes” that she’d like to fix, given the chance. 

At the same time, many are coming in defense of Ora, pointing out how she was simply speaking on her personal experience with her sexuality through her own music, what artists do all the time. Some felt that it was also unfair that Ora had to come out just to justify that experience seeing as many critiques saw the song as another straight singer using queer women’s relationships for views.

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