River Phoenix

September 4, 20171 min read

This is a poem about acknowledging strife in your life, rising like a phoenix from the ashes of hurt, and acquiring the cool calmness of a peaceful river. This allows you to find the balance between passion and anger as well as ego and justice.


i sit in the crisp flowing river

rocks large and small

penetrating into my feet and the palms of my hands

as i think of the woes and ways of strength


i let the wind blow through my hair

blowing away the pain

the current cools my burns

from the sun


i submerge my head and feel the all encompassing water

the all knowing flow of life

the all of infinity that lies within the tide


i ascend out of the water




both on fire

and calm, cool, collected

i stand as i embrace

the rocks that cut

the water that heals

the air that dries and allows me

to rise

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Zaria Whitacre

17. Lover of 80's pop, Indian food, thrift shopping & absurd catch phrases. You can probably find me eating pizza at open mics or riding my moped in downtown EC.

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