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This prose poem is, quite plainly, about unrequited love. The speaker is someone that’s in love, and they realize that the person they’re in love with doesn’t truly appreciate them as much as they do, but they don’t really care. Even something as small as a glance is enough to refill the wistful hope that something may come out of their relationship. The speaker knows that nothing significant will happen, but just being acknowledged is enough for them. It’s something that a lot of people can probably relate to.

i’ve written paragraphs, created and destroyed worlds with the flick of a finger,

all about how i’m nothing more than a speck of dirt in your eyes.

and yet, when it comes down to it, you look at me and i don’t seem to vanish before you.

you look at me and you acknowledge me.

you looked at me today, the chocolate glistening in your eyes,

and my heart didn’t dissolve into dust.

happiness, true happiness, is something that i seldom feel.

but today, for the first time since forever, you reignited the same flame that you once blew out.

i should be concerned at how much control you have over my emotions.

you make me feel powerful things, things that drive humanity to the brink of destruction.

and maybe, at a later date, i will be concerned.

but, for now,

i just want to relish in the momentary happiness that i feel,

at finally having the honor to be one of the pawns in your game of chess.

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