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Say It Loud: I’m Black and I’m Proud

February 2, 20183 min read

As we enter the Black History month we must be reminded of the true history of the black experience, both good and bad. This month we should celebrate the trials and tribulations of our ancestors, but remember that there is still work to do.

First things first, I am unapologetically BLACK 

My cultural roots uplifted by the white man tied and chained my brain washed from its origin

A quadrennium held in captivity to build up America only to be treated as an animal

Chocolate skinned turned to charcoal by the heat of plantation sun

Years counted on lashed backs and broken necks hanging from a thread

My black mothers stripped of their womanhood

Raped of their pride

Bred like cattle only to serve the master that is these Divided States of America

Since the beginning, we sought freedom

Freedom to be free from poplar trees and being sold for nickels and pennies

Free to learn our ABCs and not picking crops on our hands and knees

In the nineteenth century legislation declared us finally free


But systematically confined to the cropping lands supposedly to be shared

They were not

Economically deemed a slave not by definition but occupation

But then Laughton wrote about a dream deferred

How our American dream was not a dream at all

But our rights soon came

And Dr. King said LET FREEDOM RING

Yet we still lay dead under white sheets

Picking up cotton sheets filled with bundles of black joy from the sidewalk

But do not be dismayed

Though our history bleak

Our hearts are filled with tremendous pride

We are strong and bold

And bleed black gold

We come from a group of fighters and revolutionaries

We have been to the mountaintop and do not plan on coming down anytime soon

We wear our stars and stripes on our blacks and ‘fros on our hands

We shall overcome and create change in our nation

The land that never has been yet—

And yet must be—the land where every man is free

We, all of, the people demand equality

Our history did not begin with slavery

We came from Kings and Queens

And we remain Kings and Queens

We are black EVERY month

And unapologetic at that

And we too, are America

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Tre Edgerton

I a young poet striving to unite the red, white, blue and black, brown, and white.