Celia Lipton

  • August 3, 2017By Celia Lipton

    When I was a child, I was afraid of the dark. When I was in middle school, I was afraid of how big and vast space is. To combat both of those fears, I stuck up about 3-packs worth of glow in the dark stars on my ceiling. Recently, I’ve been looking at them for more

  • July 26, 2017By Celia Lipton

    This is a poem about what it’s like to be a writer and all of the good, bad, gross, clean, and nonsensical parts that come with it.   Today I drew a picture. A mash of red and yellow pigments haphazardly thrown across a piece of paper Trying to capture as much of us on

  • July 24, 2017By Celia Lipton

    A big topic that’s up for debate, for some reason, is women’s health care. Our current federal government seems to think that a debate is necessary when it comes to this topic. This short story was written to show us that women, men, and all the genders in between deserve fair, equal access to affordable

  • June 25, 2017By Celia Lipton

    In today’s day and age, a lot of antisemitism still exists; some people just don’t like to recognize it. There are little bits of microaggressions towards Jews that people don’t talk about or don’t realize they’re doing. This is a poem about my personal experience with these microaggressions. Warning: slur(s) ahead   For the past

  • June 15, 2017By Celia Lipton

    The concept of black and white, when talking about emotions, is something I’ve been struggling with lately. I often find that I’m feeling happy and sad, or angry and dissociated, or any other combination of emotions all at once. It’s very overwhelming, especially because no one really talks about how that’s possible.   Some days,

  • June 10, 2017By Celia Lipton

    WARNING: Spoilers ahead Credit to all photos goes to NRK and the creators of SKAM. SKAM, which translates to SHAME, is a multi-media television show produced by NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting Company) about the lives of teenagers living in Oslo, Norway. There are four seasons of the show, each through the perspective of different main characters

  • June 2, 2017By Celia Lipton

    Being a woman means different things to different people. I interviewed and photographed 5 women of different ages, races, gender identities, ability, and passions, asking them questions about their identities as women. Interview #1: Name: Laura Panek. Occupation: Biology teacher Being a biology teacher, how do you feel about genetics vs. gender identity as a spectrum? “I really

  • May 22, 2017By Celia Lipton

    I’ve been an artist for as long as I can remember, but recently my relationship with art has changed. I find myself not liking what I create because I feel like I’m lying, being overdramatic. The first draft of this poem included how I don’t always feel like a real artist because I don’t “suffer