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Take A Journey To The Past With The International Cast of Anastasia The Musical

October 20, 20183 min read

The 1997 film Anastasia has stolen hearts of all ages. Many grew up with film while others are enjoying the film after its legacy. The journey of Anya becoming Anastasia Romanov has become a reality despite its real-life history.

In 2016, Anastasia officially became a musical on Broadway. The musical is currently showing at the Broadhurst Theatre. With leading actress, Christy Altomore as Anya.

On September, Anastasia the Musical announced a National US Tour, Spain, and Germany production will be open in October. The four Anyas came together into perform “Journey to the Past” in all three languages. 

The National US Tour

Photo Credit: via Lila Coogan’s Instagram Stories

The National US Tour kicked off in Schenectady, New York on October 9th. Lila Coogan takes on the role of Anastasia throughout the season. In opposite, is Stephen Brower who plays Dmirty. The entire company will be touring together in twenty-eight cities across the nation. All through 2018, and the entire 2019 year leading up to September 29th. Check out the Anastasia National US Tour schedule, if they’ll take you to a journey to the past!

Madrid, Spain

Photo Credit: Javier Naval Stage Photo

Anastasia is taking a trip to Spain! The musical is currently being performed at the Coliseum Theatre. The cast and company are performing the musical in Spanish. At the moment, tickets are on sale for October, November, December, and January in their official website. There no deadline on when the show will stop production, but Anya’s journey will live a long time in Madrid.  Jana Gomez is playing Anya for this production. Alongside with her is Iñigo Etayo Ochoa-Lácar who is Spain’s Dmitry.

Stuttgart, Germany 

Photo Credit: @anastasiadasmusical (via Instagram)

Anya has made it to Stuttgart! Judith Caspari will officially become Germany’s Anastasia on November 13th. Like Spain’s Anastasia, the production will be performed in the country’s language, German. Anastasia the Musical cast will be at the Stage Palladium Theater for their journey. The production in Stuttgart is currently on sale before it’s big opening night. Anastasia in Germany is so far scheduled until May of next year. 

The Anastasia the Musical Company is currently looking at more countries for its production to be held at. As for now, Anastasia Romanov and the company is on Broadway, across the nation of the United States, Madrid, and Germany!

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