Now Reading: Teen Vogue’s PRINT Magazine Is Shutting Down — How People Will Be Affected


Teen Vogue’s PRINT Magazine Is Shutting Down — How People Will Be Affected

November 3, 20172 min read

I just heard the news. I was sitting in the middle of my music theory class when I heard that Teen Vogue PRINT was shutting down. Immediately, memories of my childhood flashed through my mind — I was always looking at Teen Vogue on the shelves and feeling so excited, because in the future, I knew I would be able to read it as a teenager someday.

Online magazines are taking over the media by storm. With the internet becoming an easier and cheaper option, many have turned to it to create amazing work. The thing is, Teen Vogue started out as print in 2003, long before online magazines were a big thing. People would rip out the subscription postcards in the middle of it and subscribe for a year — I always wanted to do that, because there was always a cute purse as a prize. There’s nothing like having a fresh, crisp magazine to flip through. Being able to see your favorite celebs give amazing fashion tips to interviewers with the most interesting personalities was also a plus.

It’s sad to say that I, along with millions of other people, will no longer be able to flip through the pages of Teen Vogue, whether it was in the grocery store express line, sitting in a waiting office or laying down on our beds with the latest edition. Not to mention, 80 people will be left without a job.

Teen Vogue’s print no longer being in production isn’t completely a terrible thing, though. Readers will still be able to enjoy a multitude of content online and share our opinions on it all by commenting. Being an online mag has some pros. No more waiting for a monthly subscription to end up in your mailbox — everything will be only a click away.

The print magazine shutting down isn’t the greatest thing to happen to teenage media, but it’s the start of a new era. With so many new things happening, who’s to say Teen Vogue doesn’t have something else amazing up their sleeve?

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