Now Reading: ‘Tell Me You Love Me’ May Just Be Demi Lovato’s Best Album: A Track-By-Track Review


‘Tell Me You Love Me’ May Just Be Demi Lovato’s Best Album: A Track-By-Track Review

September 29, 201710 min read

On Friday, Sept. 29, Demi Lovato, among many other artists, dropped her new album. The album, Tell Me You Love Me, is Lovato’s sixth album and probably the best music she has released in years.

Lovato has stated that she was leaning more towards R&B and soul with this album, while still keeping it pop. This genre of music is so fitting for her voice and that is made extremely clear with many of the songs.

The album includes the lead single “Sorry Not Sorry”, which dominated the charts after its release in July, as well as the promotional singles, “Tell Me You Love Me”, “You Don’t Do It For Me Anymore”, and “Sexy Dirty Love”.

Here is a track by track review of her album, including my favourite lyric from each song.

1. Sorry Not Sorry

Favourite Lyric: The grass is greener under me, bright as technicolor I can tell that you can see

The summer anthem of 2017! “Sorry Not Sorry” is a fun song with an empowering message of confidence and self-assurance. Although most people interpret the lyrics as getting back at an ex with your newfound confidence, Lovato has stated that she actually wrote it as a message to haters and bullies. “Sorry Not Sorry”, which was released back in July, has a choir in its chorus which makes it stand out from other radio hits. With over 189 million Spotify streams worldwide, “Sorry Not Sorry” is definitely a hit!

2. Tell Me You Love Me

Favourite Lyric: And I hope I never see the day that you move on and be happy without me

Switching up from “Sorry Not Sorry”, Demi Lovato embraces her more vulnerable side with the title track of her album. This song shows someone in desperate need of love and begging another person to be with them. When talking about the song, she said “I remember just being in the studio almost crying singing it. I dealt with a lot of deaths in the family earlier that year . . . I also was going through a breakup. With that song, I remember feeling like I just wanted to hear someone tell me that they love me.” This song also does a good job with staying uptempo despite the vulnerable message behind the lyrics.

3. Sexy Dirty Love

Favourite Lyric: Baby, be my new addiction, intoxicate me gently with your loving

Lovato goes back to the more fun-loving music in this third track. This song, where she sings about a sexual relationship, has a lot of funk to it. The production includes a great beat, some snaps, and pitch-shifted background vocals, all of which gives it a unique, “old school” sound. “Sexy Dirty Love” is definitely a song that anyone can sing along and dance to.

4. You Don’t Do It For Me Anymore 

Favourite Lyric: I’m sorry for honesty, I’m well aware I lie to you when I lie with you

This fourth track slows down the album and doesn’t just show off Lovato’s amazing vocals, but the heartbreaking lyrics as well. While the lyrics heavily imply that Lovato is singing about someone she has fallen out of love with, she has stated that the double meaning behind the song is about her past addiction issues. Her vocals in this song are incredibly smooth and soulful, which is partly what makes the song so emotional. In my opinion, “You Don’t Do It For Me Anymore” is one of Lovato’s best songs, ever.

5. Daddy Issues

Favourite Lyric: I get a little obsessive a little aggressive, a little bit too invested

Unlike her previous songs that talk about her issues with her father, “Daddy Issues” is surprisingly uptempo and fun. The song talks about being in too invested in a relationship. Although this song isn’t my favourite on the album, it is still catchy and a fun song to sing along to.

6. Ruin The Friendship 

Favourite Lyric: Your body’s looking good tonight I’m thinking we should cross the line

One of the best songs off of the album! The slow R&B music really makes this song stand out. Lovato’s vocals are smooth and sultry making a very sexy song. The instrumental almost sounds jazzy and is probably one of the best parts of the song. “Ruin The Friendship” shows just how versatile Lovato’s voice is; she is not just about belting.

7. Only Forever

Favourite Lyric: And I don’t want to pressure you, but I think you need to make a move

“Only Forever” slows down the album once again. Here, Lovato is singing about two people struggling to act upon their feelings. Her voice sounds *literally* angelic and the song itself has an  R&B vibe. “Only Forever” is not really a stand out of the album, for me, but it is definitely still a great song.

8. Lonely (feat. Lil Wayne)

Favourite Lyric: But all you do is leave me fucking lonely knees on the concrete, cut up and bleeding

This almost 5-minute is definitely stand out; from her growls in the chorus, her runs to the lyrics. “Lonely” is another vulnerable song about coming to terms with the fact that the person you love does not care about you. This song being so explicit, in terms of swearing, really adds to the message and emotions of the song. And, unlike other songs, the rap verse is well added and not just a added in randomly.

9. Cry Baby

Favourite Lyric: Congratulations, celebration cause my heart is the hardest to break

Okay, this song is most definitely one of my favourites on the album — I cannot get enough of it. The chorus is extremely catchy without being repetitive and boring. The lyrics are almost painful to listen to. “Cry Baby” is definitely a song that many people can relate to with lyrics like “I’m no cry baby, but you make me cry lately”. The instruments, especially the guitar, and the R&B makes this song one of her bests.

10. Games

Favourite Lyric: I date men, but you’re acting like a little boy

“Games” is another song that so many people can relate to, especially in this day and age. “Games” is uptempo with catchy music and lyrics that make it hard to not move around to the song. The production is incredible and, again, this song is just further proof that Lovato is out-doing herself with this album.

11. Concentrate

Favourite Lyric: Don’t love you cause I need to but it’s everything you doin’ to me

“Concentrate” is another sexy song, like “Ruin The Friendship”. Lovato’s vocals are especially voluptuous and sensual. Though it is not a stand out, it is still a solid song that shows off her ability to change the way she sings to fit the vibe of the song.

12. Hitchhiker 

Favourite Lyric: Don’t even know where we’re going, you’re making me live in the moment

The last song of the standard edition is “Hitchhiker” (note: there are an extra two songs in the Target exclusive version of the album, “Smoke + Mirrors” and “Ready For Ya”). Lovato chooses to end the song with a slowed down love song. The lyrics strategically uses metaphors of driving to talk about this relationship. Lovato’s vocals are extremely smooth but she also shows off some runs and belts as well.

In my honest opinion, Tell Me You Love Me is Demi Lovato’s best album to date. The music is unique, mature, and extremely authentic. Just last year, Lovato was ready to quit the music industry having lost faith in her career and, now, she is releasing music she is tremendously proud of.

To buy Tell Me You Love Me, visit iTunes or Google Play or stream it on Spotify!

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