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The Beginning – Poems by Kait #3

May 10, 20172 min read

This one is more like a short story, but I’ve had this in the notes on my phone for ages. I feel like it’s time it finally meets the world.

He reaches his hand out towards mine. Despite the cold wind and the clouds of our breath, it’s warm. “Are you ready?” He asks me.

I peer over the rocky edge into the pitch black waves below, slowly and steadily like a heart beat, rolling into the side of the cliff one after the other. I nod. I want to feel alive for once.

“On the count of three, then.” I look up for a moment, enjoying the way the stars light up the sky like glitter. “One.”

He almost whispers the word, making it sound as if it’s a part of the icy wind turning our cheeks rosy.

“This is absolutely insane. We’re probably going to die,” I say, still gazing at the stars.

He just smiles, humoring me. “Two.”

He pulls me closer, turning me to face him slowly. Our eyes lock contact, and with his nose inches from mine, I watch his mouth form around the word.


My feet leave solid ground. The fall is not very far, only 30 feet or so, but it still feels as if it lasts a lifetime.

My tangled mass of hair whips around my head smacking me in the face, and my stomach has risen to my throat. The wind is so loud I almost think I’ve really gone deaf until I hear him making this uncontrollable whooping sound of happiness. I look over slowly, almost as if we’re falling in slow motion, still clutching his hand. A smile creeps up to my lips.

Cold. The water is colder than my heart used to be, at least before I met him.

“I’m going to make you fall in love with the world,” he said that first day in the tiny coffee shop on Main Sreet. I didn’t believe him.

Those words were the beginning of the rest of my life.

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Kaitlyn Bowling

Kaitlyn is a 17 year old high school student from Kentucky. She is a member of her school's AcCapella choir and plays on her school's softball team. She enjoys kayaking, going to concerts, collecting LP vinyls, and arguing with anyone willing to give her a good debate. You can find her on instagram (@magickaitx) and on twitter (@kaitnicofw)