Now Reading: The British Spies in Suits Are Back in ‘The King’s Man’ Trailer


The British Spies in Suits Are Back in ‘The King’s Man’ Trailer

July 17, 20194 min read

The stylish British spies in suits are back in Matthew Vaughn’s trailer for his new film The King’s Man, which came out a few days ago. The movie will be a prequel to the Kingsman saga, set during WWI. Despite being set in a completely different time period than the first two films, the trailer for The King’s Man still manages to provide fans with everything that they love about the series: epic combat-scenes, masterful editing and of course, the Kingsman suits themselves.

Opening to a desolated battle-field scene, the trailer exposes the viewers to a gloomier, more solemn outlook on the Kingsman saga. Featuring a monologue by Duke of Oxford (Ralph Fiennes) about power, the trailer unveils another spy-movie, but now with a darker undertone. The first movies of the saga, though did have moments of grief and despair, were mostly shaped around dark-humour and sarcasm — perhaps, Vaughn has decided to explore something more serious after the first two mostly lighthearted movies.

The movie will star a mostly new cast: Ralph Fiennes will play the main hero and Harris Dickinson will be his protégé. Despite the slightly different feel of the trailer, it can still be seen how Vaughn is returning to his roots — after all, the first Kingsman had a similar dynamic between Harry Hart (Colin Firth) and Eggsy Unwin (Taron Egerton). Amongst others are Gemma Arterton, Matthew Goode, Stanley Tucci and Liam Neeson.

With the great success of the previous two films, it is only certain that The King’s Man will become another hit. Vaughn’s unique direction for the Kingsman films is surely something that attracts the viewers. He is known for his use of hyper-stylised action scenes, stunning cinematography, editing and best of all, humour that is present throughout the films.  Such a combination is bound to make the new film another success, even though it does stray from the original Kingsman DNA.

However, Forbes labelled the prequel “a bet that audiences actually care about Kingsman as a brand.” Some fans of the first two movies are still expecting the return of Eggsy and Harry as a duo fighting more eccentric villains — a prequel was unexpected by many. Possibly, it is time for a change in the Kingsman saga: as good as the previous movies were, monotony can repulse a significant fraction of the audiences.

A fan commented about how unexpected the look of the new prequel was under the video of the trailer on YouTube.

There is no doubt that The King’s Man will provide the fans with everything that they love in a Kingsman film, but now with a more serious perspective on the events within the movie. Perhaps, a stray in the DNA of the film will only attract more audiences to the Kingsman saga.

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