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The Controversy Over Céline Dion’s New Gender-Neutral Kids Clothing Line

November 24, 20186 min read

When Céline Dion enters the maternity ward of the fictional hospital what strikes the viewers the most is the obvious division between girls and boys; the pink and blue colours on the walls and on the infants themselves. She unzips her duffel bag and takes out a box with black, shimmery powder. As soon as it settles around her, the infants become dressed in their new attire: white and black clothes. While more and more people are beginning to support gender-neutral parenting, it looks as if Dion has tipped those that are more conservative off. The world-famous singer announced the launch of the gender-neutral kids clothing line, Celinununu, in a short film that the internet had mixed emotions about. Gender-neutral clothing for adults and children has been highly-appreciated and praised and yet, Céline Dion’s new clothing line has not been getting all of the acclamations it deserves.

Gender-neutral parenting has been a topic of discussion for quite some time now, especially with the gradual acceptance of trans and gender-fluid people. For some, it is an eye-rolled, while for the more enthusiastic parents – it is an innovative concept, which allows the typical stereotypes of gender norms to be shattered even at a young age. Celebrities such as Paloma Faith are also supporting the concept and it is no wonder since countless studies proved it to be beneficial for the child’s mental health and success in their later life. Therefore, it is not surprising Céline Dion also decided to support this concept, considering the immense work she has done in the field of philanthropy.

In an enthusiastic short film, Dion launched Celinununu by breaking into a fictional maternity ward and changing the clothing the infants wore, using a magical black powder. The video did not have a very positive response on YouTube: with almost 400,000 views four days after its release, it steadily gains dislikes and negative comments. Even though Celinununu is not the first gender-neutral clothing line for children, its predecessors: Girls Will Be, Handsome In Pink and Jessy & Jack are just a few examples of unisex children’s clothing. Perhaps, the fact that the world-renown singer Céline Dion is a supporter of gender-neutrality in children is what made the launch so controversial; her action can have a great impact on the world and this is what all of the negative commenters are afraid of – their opinion being completely overlooked.

The comment section of the Youtube video was flooded with conspiracy theories and angry comments about Dion not being able to be subtle. However, it is completely illogical for a celebrity to be subtle when pushing for an important cause. Although at first, Twitter feedback looked to be mostly positive, it seems as if the trolls have taken on to Twitter too. However, there are still many that are happy with Dion emerging with such a bold statement to the world: she would like to allow her children to make choices according to their own true essenceas said in the company’s press release. By creating Celinununu, it is obvious that Dion would like to encourage other parents to do so too. In her point of view, gender-neutral clothing for children is not only a matter of gender but a matter of allowing the child to be able to have their own say in the world. 

YouTube commenters rage over the launch of the gender-neutral kids’ line.

The line can be considered slightly overpriced for what is offered: tops’ prices range from 50$ to 320$, while infants’ clothing ranges from 22$ to 65$. This is relatively expensive, compare to one other gender-neutral children’s clothing line, Girls Will Be, which offers attire from 18$ to 49$. It is obvious that when purchasing Celinunu, the buyer not only pays for the innovative idea, but also for Céline Dion’s collaboration with the alternative kids’ clothing brand nununu. When looking at the price points from that perspective, they are somewhat substantiated.

Perhaps, the world has not realized what had happened, just yet. While some people are in a greater denial of Dion’s support of the gender-neutral parenting and are thus bringing an uproar of negativity surrounding Celinununu’s launch, others are excited to see something different in the world of clothing for children. Especially with the help of Dion’s name, this will surely provide greater influence on people and spread this idea into the masses: after all, gender-neutral clothes for children allow them to break free of the stereotypes and feel more freedom when expressing themselves at a young age and also when older.

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