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Rick Owens Proves It’s OK to Bend the Rules of Fashion

January 15, 20182 min read

The fashion world is constantly evolving, as crossroads of interdisciplinary designs collide, creating new universes of their own. However, it is the break in unconventionality that keeps the world of design thriving and allows the influence of fashion and style to continue to develop into dimensions of their own. Each piece adds to the stars in the universe and keeps the planets revolving.

Rick Owens, on the other hand, disrupts this, creating a ripple in space — the black hole engulfing all of its surroundings. Unconventionality is exactly what keeps Rick Owens on track to revolutionizing the world of fashion. By accepting the chaos, Owens has been able to mend that chaos to the best of his ability.

As a young child, his ability to counterculture added to his influential yet outlandish eye. Rick Owen’s encompassed a more flamboyant style, breaking the boundaries between masculinity and femininity, making the two universes collide. In fact, Rick Owens is all about pushing boundaries, especially when it comes to standards of beauty:

“I like the idea of promoting alternative ideas of beauty. The fashion world can be very strict on the standards of beauty, and I like pushing it around a little bit.” 

Rick Owens is centered around breaking down the barriers of what is perceived as beauty and recreating beauty his own way with his own rules. Elegance and roughness, masculinity and gracefulness all met in Owens’ Spring 2014 collection. Utilizing different body types, and including rhythmic dances along with the “grit face,” Owens’ intent was to redefine our perceptions of what we define as beautiful. Similar themes of women’s empowerment can be seen in his Fall 2010 collection, where his warrior-based designs encompassed power in each pattern, stitching and outfit.

Rick Owens Spring 2014

Rick Owens Fall 2010

His various collections and execution of these designs on the runway prove the success in his goals. Rick Owens undeniably brings change to the fashion world, puncturing his designs into new dimensions and questioning/rebelling against conventionality.

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