Now Reading: The Dysfunctional Superhero Family Is Back: Reviewing ‘The Umbrella Academy’ Season Two Trailer


The Dysfunctional Superhero Family Is Back: Reviewing ‘The Umbrella Academy’ Season Two Trailer

July 9, 20205 min read

“Same weird family. New weird problems”

Season one of The Umbrella Academy ended with the siblings just missing the apocalypse by a second, as they jump through time, in order to attempt to prevent the apocalypse from ever occurring. But what’s next for this dysfunctional superhero family?

The newly-released trailer greets us with the siblings separated and in unknown territory. Turns out they have landed in Dallas… but in 1963. Not only is there a different time period, but also the trailer seems to hint that each character has gone their own way: Klaus for once seems happy, yet is in some kind of a cult now; Luther is a boxer; Allison is no longer a celebrity; Diego is in a mental institute; and Ben, weirdly enough, seems to no longer be a ghost. That’s something that wasn’t quite clarified in the trailer, so I’m excited to find out if he is no longer a ghost in this new season! Moreover, it seems that Five is the only character with the same attire and personality.

As if re-starting life in a new time period wasn’t trouble enough, turns out that the siblings have successfully failed their missions by bringing the apocalypse within them… And they only have a few days to solve everything, before they are all dead.

From this new trailer, we can definitely expect season two to have: a new time-line, new problems, new characters (and some of the old, of course), and finally, new powerful enemies. I must say, it is sad that the clumsy Cha-Cha and Hazel will no longer be the main enemies. However, from the trailer, it seems that whoever these new enemies are, they are a lot smarter, quicker and powerful.

But that’s not all! One of the best features of season one was the show’s visual aesthetic. You didn’t think the creators would leave without hinting towards a new visual style, did you? Since the show will now be set in the 1960s, the creators made a very clever choice to change the color palette. Instead of consisting of blues, purples and dark colors, the creators have chosen a color palette of bright blues, oranges and browns. I already love this change in the color palette, as it continues to show the creators’ ability to play around creatively with every single aspect of the show.

Furthermore, another amazing aspect of the show is its music. I stand by the belief that, aside from Euphoria, The Umbrella Academy had one of the best TV show music scores I have personally witnessed. Each song was creatively and specifically-chosen for each scene, thus adding to the enjoyability of watching the show. I can only hope that this element of the show is continued since it definitely stood out in the first season!

Fortunately, there are some vague hints about the show’s music. For example, from the Instagram post above, it seems that we can expect some more music from Gerard Way. Not only is he the creator of The Umbrella Academy Comics and the lead singer in a rock band My Chemical Romance, but also the show’s producer. My Chemical Romance was due to get back together after the reunion last winter. Therefore, fans can possibly also expect some My Chemical Romance song featured within this season — not just Gerard Way alone.

Overall, season one of The Umbrella Academy left us with high expectations for the show, ranging from excellent acting to one of the best TV music scores to amazing cinematography. We can do all but hope that season two follows with these features that allowed season one to be so great. The trailer definitely shows the essence of the show’s greatness

Season two of The Umbrella Academy will be available on Netflix on July 31st.

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