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The Emotional Effects of Concerts

October 30, 20174 min read

According to my friend’s Fitbit, my heart rate was increasing by the minute as we awaited the arrival of Arcade Fire. Concerts are always incredibly intense for me. I’m a concert cryer which has become a meme among my friends and family, and I’m not ashamed of that. Music has always moved me in ways I can’t explain, and within the last few months I’ve gotten to see my two favorite bands of all time, Muse and Arcade Fire. Both events were so emotional and surreal. These bands have saved my life. I know that’s really dramatic, but it’s true. Music is personal and emotional for a number of people, and concerts are the peak of intensity.

Looking around during the show I noticed people dancing, people holding their loved ones, people smiling so big it made me smile. There were people who knew every word and people who didn’t know any words but were still enjoying themselves. I think there’s this misconception that if you see someone live you HAVE to love them more than anyone else, but that’s so ridiculous. Some people just enjoy the atmosphere and hearing new music and have some money to throw around. I don’t know every word to my favorite bands’ songs, but I still love and enjoy them enough to want to see them live.

I think a concert is an experience, and shouldn’t be this contest. Concerts have their effect on each person in a different way, and everyone should be able to feel it without fear of not being a “real fan.”

There is also a moment where you swear a song is being performed just for you. During “Creature Comfort” I clutched my friend’s hand until I subconsciously threw my arms up into the air because I felt the music so deeply. If you haven’t heard the song from Arcade Fire’s most recent album “Everything Now,” give it a listen. It is essentially an anti-suicide PSA, so it contains some triggering content. Since I first heard the song I felt such a connection to it and hearing it in person made me feel something I can’t describe. It’s a feeling I will carry with me for the rest of my life.

So it’s the day after this concert, and my voice is shot and my neck is sore from headbanging. But it’s all so worth it to me. Concerts have a huge emotional impact on me and I could tell everyone else in that arena felt something similar to what I was feeling. I saw a man in the pit standing away from the mass of people, dancing harder than I’ve ever seen before. If I had better coordination and was not confined to the space between my seat and the seat in front of me, that would’ve been me. Music is infinite. It changes lives and saves lives. I owe so much to the music I have surrounded myself with. I hope with everything in me that everyone who has ever felt alone will get to hear that one song that’s helped them so much live someday. It’s something you all deserve.


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