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The End of an Era: The Best Songs off of SATURATION III

December 17, 20173 min read

Without a doubt, one of the stand out groups of the year, Brockhampton, just released the final installment in their SATURATION trilogy. Arguably, one of the rap collective’s most melodic and varied efforts, the album rose to #9 on the iTunes charts and is already seeing widespread attention. With that being said, let’s take a look at the best tracks from the group’s final release of this era.


One of the quirkiest, yet grooviest tracks of the album, it’s impossible not to bob your head to ZIPPER. Produced by Jabari Manwa of the Q3 duo, the beat is groovy, refreshing and bouncy. Easily member Joba’s most memorable verse on the album as he begins the track with an off-kilter intro before launching into a verse that flows like water. ZIPPER also has one of the album’s catchiest hooks delivered by Kevin Abstract as police sirens wail in the background.


JOHNNY is yet another new avenue the band explores on SATURATION III. The beat is filled with jazzy horn samples and chill, relaxing guitar chords. Kevin, Dom, Amer, and Matt all trade short verses back and forth talking about their parents, fights and other subjects in this surprisingly laid back track. The chorus amps things up and adds an Outkast type hook that provides the grooviest part of the song.


Loud, firey, and unapologetic, BOOGIE is easily the banger of the album. Released a few days before the album, it immediately grabs the listener with squawking sax samples, constant sirens, and the entire group trading short bursts of insanity with their verses. Possibly the group’s version of a club dance song, it holds nothing back. Dom definitely steals the song in the last verse with his usual fantastic flow.


RENTAL takes things to an unusual place, even for BROCKHAMPTON. The groups display some RnB influences and it definitely works in their favor. While both Kevin and Dom play a fantastic part in this track, the true show-stealer is Matt Champion. Matt adds a heavenly pre-chorus and bridge to the song, with a singing style we haven’t heard much off on previous albums, that push this song to the next level as one of the group’s standout tracks.


The release of the group’s short film, Billy Star, put attention on this song before its name was even official. Fans immediately praised the song that opened up the teaser and prayed it would be on the forthcoming album. Without a doubt, my favorite track of the album, and maybe even of the entire trilogy, BLEACH is just bliss. A reflective, soulful song with all of the group’s strongest players playing to their key strengths. The vocal hook that opens up the song is perfectly surrounded by the surreal, atmospheric production. It’s a must-listen-to track that will definitely go down as one of the best of the year.

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