Now Reading: ‘The French Dispatch’ Trailer Review: Wes Anderson Could Not Be More Wes Anderson


‘The French Dispatch’ Trailer Review: Wes Anderson Could Not Be More Wes Anderson

February 12, 20203 min read

In a colorful arrangement of symmetrical shots and excitable narration, Wes Anderson unveils his new film — The French Dispatch. As the king of everything whimsical, Anderson embraces his aesthetic style even more in the new trailer. Set to be released this July, there is enough time for us to relish in the trailer’s tiny details.

Opening to a street alive with movement, the trailer immediately immerses the readers into the main storyline. ‘It began as a holiday,’ narrates a voice, as colorful frames interchange with extreme speed. It is hard to restrain oneself from pausing every few seconds to adore the beauty of each shot. Perhaps, what we are looking at is a future Oscar contender for an award in cinematography? It would only be a pleasant surprise.


Rich with color, The French Dispatch resembles an Impressionist painting. Image Source: YouTube

The French Dispatch acts as a collection of stories published in a fictional American paper about life in France. Given the stellar cast assembly, Anderson unites some of the best actors and actresses of the modern age: Benicio del Toro, Adrien Brody, Tilda Swinton, Léa Seydoux, Frances McDormand, Timothée Chalamet, Bill Murray, Owen Wilson and more, including Saoirse Ronan.

Rich with color, the trailer of The French Dispatch is reminiscent of an Impressionist painting, with its muted shadows and eye-catching tones. And it is of no surprise since one of The French Dispatch’s stories is that about a locked-up artist. Anderson could not be more himself, as he once again pairs Adrien Brody… with his pursuit of a painting. Being possibly at his most meta, Anderson references his previous films (such as The Grand Budapest Hotel) and real-life history.

The film is loosely inspired by the history of The New Yorker magazine. Image Source: YouTube

Loosely inspired by the history of The New Yorker magazineThe French Dispatch is nothing less than a love letter to journalism and to story-telling. After Tarantino’s love letter to Hollywood and Scorsese’s return to his beloved mob epics, it is interesting to notice the nostalgic and meta pathway major filmmakers are currently taking. Certainly, The French Dispatch is not set in the present day — and the amusing hairstyles help emphasize this.

With a trailer so captivating with its tiny (and not so tiny) details, one could only wonder what the film has in store. A master of storytelling, Anderson playfully teases viewers with what is most exciting: unique stories, subtle humor and outstanding visuals. The French Dispatch trailer looks more Wes Anderson than Wes Anderson has ever been — one could only hope that the film satisfies this expectation.

Featured Image via YouTube


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