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The Marías ‘Superclean, Vol.II’: Track-By-Track Analysis

October 11, 20185 min read

The ethereal and jazzy pop band, The Marías, have dropped Superclean, Vol.II, an EP with more psychedelic, dreamy, and sensual tracks like that of Superclean, Vol.I, which received major praise and amazing reviews when it was released on November 3rd, 2017. The EP consists of six songs, each one fitting the soft, dulcet nature of The Marías’ signature music style.

Superclean, Vol.II begins with the sensual and calming, yet still wistful and gloomy undertones of “Ruthless.” The song is vibrant and warm, with the lead singer, María, using her smoky velvety voice to get her point across: She’s ruthless. It’s an amazing opener, with great lyrics, a catchy and sensual chorus, and a beat that can I can only describe as being “groovy” (this is more than likely due to the bassline and general feel of the song that makes one want to dance).

The second song, “Cariño,” is mostly in Spanish. It’s essentially a love letter in song form, with the same hazy feel as the other songs. The lyrics are pure love and adoration for a significant other, calling them a “piece of art,” “a love” (literal translation of the first line of the chorus: “Honey, you’re a love”). It’s the ideal song for romance and seems like the kind of song played in some picturesque, amorous, indie film.

“ABQ” is the third track on the EP and begins very dreamily. The instruments on this track are not picked out easily and the vibe is serene, almost like meditation music. María’s vocals in this song are so faded at some points, that you can hardly hear her. And though the dreamlike serenity of the song is appealing to some people, it’s almost chaotic in a way, with no possible way to figure out which part of the song is which.

Up next is the interlude, “Loverboy.” It’s tranquil, with drum beats and soft vocals. I could almost imagine it being on a 24/7 Chillhop music stream on Youtube (when will that girl ever finish her homework?). The track is a little over a minute long, and it’s a minute well spent. The song is calming and María’s smooth, airy and whispery vocals are pleasing to the ear.

That same serenity carries into “Over the Moon.” It’s easily my favorite song on the EP. The song has a theme of loneliness and wistfulness, a want for love from another person. The lyrics are both haunting and affectionate, with a stand-out line in the chorus, “I’m lost completely, I might as well be over the moon.” The song features an instrumental at the end, which has a great guitar riff and closes off the song perfectly.

The last song on the EP is “Clueless,” the second single released off “Superclean, Vol.II” (the first being “Cariño”). The lyrics are inherently angry, as they’re based on a lover’s spat, but this intensity is offset by the chill and funky beat. The song is extremely laid back, and it’s another favorite of mine.

Superclean, Vol.II is a vintage-sounding pop album, with saxophone solos and guitar riffs to die for. With the delicate vocals of lead singer, María, accompanied by the talent of her bandmates, Josh Conway, Edward James, Jesse Pearlman, and Carter Lee, this EP is hypnotic, giving off late summer vibes.  It has its ups and downs and covers a lot of emotions within the lyrics of the tracks, while still sticking to the signature smoky and nostalgic tinge and sound of The Marías. I highly recommend giving it a listen. Its one of my favorite bodies of work this year.

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