Now Reading: Could Nicki Minaj’s Family Drama Overshadow Her Release?


Could Nicki Minaj’s Family Drama Overshadow Her Release?

August 11, 20183 min read

Nicki released her 4th studio album, “Queen,” on August 10, 2018. I’m sure the album will perform accordingly and reach the charts as usual, but I’m more worried about the rollout of this album and the absolute mess it was at times. Though I would not call myself a “Barb,” I’d describe myself as a big fan of Minaj’s past work and features on hit songs. However, her and her family’s actions lately have me wondering what the hell is going on?

To begin with, Nicki’s main criticism comes from the people she works with and chooses to give a platform to. “FEFE”, her single with 6ix9ine, might have completely tanked her career. 22 Year Old David Hernandez is a convicted sex criminal that participated in the statutory-raping of an underage girl. Nicki does not shy away from supporting she shouldn’t, as her own brother is a predator. Even when 38-year-old Jelani Maraj was convicted of sexually assaulting his [at the time] 11-year-old stepdaughter, she poured her voice out and is with him all the way. “Although Schwartz [Jelani Maraj’s attorney] did not disclose the extent of Nicki’s support, he spoke highly of his client’s sibling, stating that she is behind him “100 percent.” – reports.

Though it seems Minaj’s support for Jelani may have lingered off due to online backlash and more evidence coming out, Carol Minaj’s loyalty has not wavered once. Carol is Jelani and Onika’s mother, and she has recently tweeted out something that could stir up big legal problems.


Carol seems to enable her son’s inappropriate behaviour, and apparently, she has something to shake up the court case. Jelani lately has been trying to toss out his rape conviction case with no evidence to back him up. Somehow, Carol has overwhelming indications that “The Court don’t want us to know.”

There is some speculation that Carol is only doing this to sabotage Onika’s album, and this may very well be true. The case was finished months ago and she has not tweeted since April, but the week of her own daughter’s album dropping she wants to turn the tables. This “tell-all” interview will obviously put a stain on “Queen” and will bring a controversy to the long-awaited album. Whether or not you support Nicki Minaj through this, she has a lot of baggage to take care of and hopefully, she gets everything together before her reputation gets damaged.


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