The Nature of Moving On

July 29, 20172 min read

             Mainstream media portrays a breakup as black and white. They make it seem like one day the girl is crying, mascara streaming down her face, eating chocolate ice cream on her bed, and the next she’s at a club with her friends dancing her worries away. Although both these things may happen during your recovery from ending a relationship, there is so much more that goes on in between. Because just like everything else in this world, healing from a breakup is a process. The feelings you go through during that process aren’t just either happy or sad. And the poem below is my best shot at putting those feelings into words.


I hope you remember how it felt as your body was shaking as the sadness washed over you like the shore on the sand.

and the moon was the only light you felt remained in your life. and I know, the sadness will come in waves. but do not forget, that you are the ocean.

and the way the tides crash all depends on you.  and some days you will feel like your skin is bright and your smile is genuine and you will wonder why you ever needed him.

and other days you will feel the rock in your chest as you hold back mountains of words and rivers of tears threatening to burst.

you think to yourself that he lit you up inside like the sun. and now that he’s gone you feel comfortable yet empty in the bleak darkness.

but darling you embody the light you think you lost. the light you thought he gave you left so the one within you could radiate for miles and miles. to burn so violently that it swallows the mountains and penetrates the rivers with your newfound gleam.

and one day the waves will stop.

and you will find yourself along the shore.

staring at the sun.

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Rita Nguyen

Rita is a 15 year old Vietnamese-American writer, democrat and social activist from Los Angeles, California. On her free time, Rita enjoys exploring the city and reading. She has an endless list of goals and aspirations but ultimately wants to major in Political Science and turn her passion for social justice into a career.