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“The New Normal”: A Review of The Bold Type’s Season 3 Premiere

April 14, 20196 min read

The third season of The Bold Type has officially aired on the Freeform network on Tuesday night. New York’s favourite bold women Jane, Kat, and Sutton are back on the floor of Scarlet Magazine after a five-week trip from Paris Fashion Week in season 2. In a small amount of time since Paris, Scarlet Magazine and the girls will never be the same as they encounter problems of their own. After all, they have to adjust to the new normal.

Scarlet Magazine is everyone’s go-to relatable, keeping it honest, and feminine magazine as it is mainly run by women. Scarlet also holds controversial debates happening to women in today’s society in all print and social media spectrum. So, what exactly happens when a man replaces Jacqueline Carlyle, everyone’s dream boss, to run digital at a women’s magazine? Well, Jane is put to feature an article about Patrick himself for his qualification in Scarlet Magazine. I, myself, thought it was reckless to put a man in charge of a women’s magazine, but it was much more than a biased opinion until Jane started to investigate.

Speaking of keeping it honest, Kat, the social media director of Scarlet Magazine, has been in a social media detox ever since Paris. Paris might be the city of love, but it makes a killer heartbreak hard to forget. In this episode, Kat is longing over her ex-girlfriend, Adena, in a series of pictures of themselves when they were together. Kat kept her feelings to herself until Patrick encouraged her to speak at Scarlet’s Summer Summit.

The representation of men is simply divided in this episode, as Patrick motivates the employees of Scarlet at the summit, while others are just plain disgusting. Sutton and Richard are taking their relationship to the next level when they reunite in Paris publicly at Scarlet’s party. Their boss-and-employee relationship has turned heads, especially the men in the boardroom. At Scarlet’s Summer Summit, Richard encounters a colleague who tries to fist bump his move with Sutton for being young and “flexible”. Sutton being Sutton does not back down. She owns the difference in her relationship and subtly shades the old man by using is his own words.

Scarlet’s Summer Summit is the place to be as the Australian singer, Betty Who, guest stars to sing her song “Just Thought You Should Know” from her album Betty.

Betty Who was one of the many women who played in this episode. The Bold Type’s music supervisor, Rob Lowry, tweeted the soundtrack used to promote the premiere. In fact, expect more queer artist being featured in the future episodes of The Bold Type as Lowry tweeted it himself. The official “The Bold Type” playlist is on Spotify and many people on Twitter praised Lowry for the music. The Bold Type has a diverse appeal in music from current artists to underrated artists. Nevertheless, the music for this episode represented every main character’s situation. Ironically, “Just Thought You Should Know” represents Kat’s current situation. The song that vividly shined through the scenes was Dua Lipa’s “Blow Your Mind (Mwah)” in the way it gave the characters freedom from their dilemmas.

During the premiere, words were definitely stronger than actions since wisdom was the main solution to many problems. Patrick, who I thought wouldn’t be much help to the employees, actually gave advice to Kat on her problem about getting over Adena. He pushed her into revealing her true self to the world and not live with lies about her relationship. Though, Patrick wasn’t the only one helping Kat out. Alex gave a word of advice to Kat: “There’s no expiration date on heartbreak.” This opens up views on relationships, how people need to get over their ex as fast as possible in order to be happy, whether it’s partying or spending the night alone. People need to normalize that breakups require time to different people. 

(L-R) Jane, Kat, and Sutton. Image Via Hollywood Life Official Twitter

The Bold Type has just started with season three, and yet they are already moving society’s social aspects. Though, this is no surprise. They have done it multiple times with season one and two, from the #MeToo movement to gun control. The Bold Type, from what I’ve seen, is the only current show that challenges today’s current events and society itself. They are not one-sided to the problem, but they do showcase each flaw to the solutions. If you’re just turning in now, Hulu and the Freeform website/app have seasons one and two available. Your Tuesdays will only get better with The Bold Type on Freeform at 8/7c.


Featured Image Credit: BoldTypeBrasil Official Twitter. 

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