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The Teenage Struggles of Social Anxiety

September 12, 20171 min read

Social anxiety has it’s own factors and that include envy and sadness. Social anxiety is way common than people think and I wrote this poem to connect with it and help people like me who struggle with it.

it’s the feeling when you’re above water

but you feel suffocated, stuck between two different borders

Friends say “go out, talk to people”

I know I should, I know I want to, I know it’s not normal to be what I am now.

The extreme introvert in me confesses loudly around oceans of bodies.

My mind holds all my inner thoughts & desires trapped in a cage.

My demons contains my soul near a blinding twilight

Fear is my terminating illness, it’ll continue to feed on my insides & drink up all my thoughts.

The smiles on people’s faces & their silent talk fill me up with envy & disbelief.

I aspire to be my genuine identity that I was supposed to be, what God made me to be.

Is that too much to ask for?

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Ilhan Adan

Ilhan Adan is a 16 year old activist from Minnesota. She is a Somali-American and adores comics, writing and poetry.