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These Instagrammers Are Trolling Trump Through Digital Art and It’s Awesome

Trump is busy trumpeting hate on Twitter. Artists are busy drawing him on Instagram.

Digital drawing is a prevailing form of art throughout the globe. Illustrations, comics, zines are all parts of this rising interest of artists. Freelance artists employ their ideas to their illustrating software and create amazing stuff, but due to a lack of platforms for digital artists who want to display their work without having to pay, these masterpieces commonly go up on Instagram.

As someone interested in digital arts myself, I have been exploring comic/digital art accounts over the platform and have seen a common thing in most of them: they all hate Donald Trump. I’ve seen it in their art.

Trump has remained a hot potato ever since his election. In the world of gossips, and in the world of art.

Here, I will show you some of them:

EIEIO by @aitchzee (oh, that’s me)

They Started Marching by @aqsasqa

Oops by @thepakistanimarthastewart

Hitler Trump by @madebythox

Cheetos Trump by @peabe

Trump’s Room by @caitlindesignss

Freedom for the People by @liltrump

DACA by @littlemrtrump

Trump by @ovenlandcomic

Trump’s Brain by @thomcat23

There’s even a hashtag on the social media platform for this purpose. If you are an artist and want to troll the racist too, use #trumpart and join the community. Good day!

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