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Marvel’s Thor Ragnarok Lacks A Lot of Substance: A Review

October 28, 20174 min read

Warning may contain spoilers for Thor Ragnarok

Another Marvel movie, another step towards the long-awaited Infinity War. Thor: Ragnarok is a very, very short movie which means that it has a risk of being a filler. However, it currently has around 95% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Packed with jokes and funny lines, the movie isn’t lacking in comedic value. It makes us laugh when we’re supposed to be worried and it pokes fun at itself in serious moments.  The CGI used ia quite effective in battle scenes and makes sure to remind the audience that we’re watching a story about ancient gods.

The relationship between Thor and fan favourite Loki is explored with some anecdotes about their childhood, and brotherly love. They have a lot of scenes together in which the audience can clearly see their bond. They argue a lot, betray each other but never seem to fully resent one another.

Thor, son of odin.

[Villain’s name], son … of a bitch.

However, the movie’s overload of humour can and does work against them in many scenes.

When the two estranged brothers, Loki and Thor, try to have a heart to heart in an elevator – the audience isn’t given enough time to appreciate the emotional value of what they’re saying. Instead, a funny scene about ‘get help’ is inserted and the sentiment is thrown out of the window. This cheapens the overall emotional effect that the movie might have on its viewers, and forces people to label it as a filler flick.

The plot is nothing that hasn’t been seen before, and viewers aren’t worried about the destruction of anything. Part of that is due to the revelations that are supposed to be surprises, but appear in the trailer. If one has already watched the trailer, then there’s no question in what is going to happen. We know that Thor will lose his hammer, that he’ll be able to control lightning without it and we know who is going to be on his ‘Revengers’ team. We know the part that the Hulk plays, and we know that Loki is going to help save the day. Nothing is a surprise.

As a result of that, there are no break out scenes. The thrill of plot twists isn’t there. That huge lack is largely covered up by the humour, but the sense that something is missing does not go away. The action scenes are too short, the struggles are half-hearted and it is obvious what paths the characters are going along. Some of the enjoyment has been sucked out of the movie.

Overall, this movie had the potential to be something more than a bridge into Infinity War but falls flat on the substantial emotional plot. It’s a lot of laughs but doesn’t give anything too meaningful to its viewers other than a good time.

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