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The Filipina Fashion Influencers You NEED To Know About

September 25, 20177 min read

Their Instagram feeds have probably kept you up at night wondering how you could be just like them: how you could ace the perfect selfie, how and where you could cop the latest shoes and clothes that they wear, how they edit their photos, and how they keep their feed in check. These female Filipino influencers have been making a lot of buzz lately and there are so many things to love about them; from their fun personalities to the witty posts that they have online, they could easily be your next best friend. Another thing that’s impressive is that even though they are constantly on-the-go, they still manage to find time to maintain a solid beauty and skincare routine. It’s not easy but these girls sure know how to do it!

Kim Cruz (Instagram: @kimcrooz)

“Never forget to take your makeup off at the end of the day! Before heading out I never forget to put on sunscreen and I put on night cream before going to bed. I use facial masks once a week and cleanse-tone and moisturize. Beauty products: Kiehl’s ultra moisturizing cream, Kiehl’s calendula products, and La Mer products.”

Vern Enciso (Instagram: @vernenciso)

“I’ve only recently started on a beauty routine and I actually regret not doing it earlier! Before I start my day, I cleanse then tone, put some Essence, moisturize then put on sunblock. Sunblock is very important and I use Belo’s SPF 30 sunblock gel. Before I go to bed, I use any kind of cleansing wipes then etude house’s eye and lip waterproof cleansing oil, use facial wash to remove any more excess makeup, tone then moisturize! I also use eye cream!”


Kaila Estrada (Instagram: @kailaestrada)

“When it comes to skincare, I love using serums. I think it’s a great way to revitalize the skin and give it the extra care it needs and I also use sunscreen even when I’m not going outside. My regular evening routine is: cleanser-toner-serum-moisturizer (every other day). Products that I swear by are: Witchhazel toner and Drops of light by The Body Shop.”


Ida Anduyan (Instagram: @idaandu)

“My beauty routine consists of a mix of Korean skincare and organic products. During the evening I start off with an oil cleanser, then a water-based cleanser, toner, pat on some niacinamide serum, treat my acne prone skin with some retinol, and then soothe my skin with either an oil moisturizer or aloe gel. During daytime, I forego the oil cleanser, retinol, oil moisturizer, and reach for a sunblock to end my routine instead. I also use anti-acne/deep cleansing masks several times a week.

I love everything Glossier. Really. Literally, everything on their site is amazing. Especially love the Boy Brow, Milky Jelly cleanser, Prep & Prime moisturizer, The Balm Dotcom… you get my drift. Another HG product that hasn’t left my ever-changing routine is the Son & Park beauty water. It’s the perfect gentle yet effective toner. It cleans, exfoliates, brightens, and plumps your skin. It’s named “Beauty Water” for a reason! I also swear by Nature Republic’s Aloe Gel.”


Issa Pressman (Instagram: @pressmanissa)

“Some days, I’d go out with only my tint from Glossier so that I don’t look dull. But most of the time, I add in my Mascara & brows from k-palette and gloss/lip balms!! My current top fave would be highlighters!! I just loooove that glowing look especially for my tan skin (I made a makeup video on my YT channel: Issa Pressman, on this).

I suggest girls should go for a nice fresh and natural look at daytime & a fiercer or bolder look at night, particularly on a fun night out. My beauty tips won’t end there because beauty means taking good care of yourself, so make sure to wash your face with water, your skin’s favorite cleanser and put moisturizers to say bye-bye to dry skin. Plus, your makeup remover if you have makeup on! Lastly, easiest tip, drink lots of water!”


Ava Daza (Instagram: @avadiazdaza)

Makeup artist, Mayesa Delos Santos, shared the following: “Ava Daza is currently in love with the Makeup For Ever contour palette, a palette that has everything you need: contour, highlight, corrector, concealer in one palette.”


Janeena Chan (Instagram: @janeenachan)

“In terms of beauty routines, I stick to the usual cleanse, tone, moisturize. And just going back to basics like taking lots of water and beauty sleep really does the trick.

For products, I’m really loving Simple UK’s micellar water and facial wash. My face feels squeaky clean when I use them! I also tend to have sensitive skin and lips, so this range is perfect. I also use petroleum jelly a lot on my lips. Other beauty products I’m loving so far are Club Clio’s Kill cover concealer and their Pro Single Shadow in Cat Breeze. I also use the latter for that extra shimmery highlight, and for the inner corners of my eyes. For my base, I love Jane Iredale’s Glow Time BB! It’s lightweight but provides enough coverage for the shoots/events I have almost every day.”


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