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Three Indie-Pop Artists You Should Be Listening to Now

April 18, 20195 min read

Today, the music industry is overflowing with numerous amazing artists and bands in all genres. The alternative indie-pop category in specific has recently been flooding with new musicians, each of them offering a brand new and alluring perspective on indie pop.

While there are certainly a number of musicians that fall under this genre, here are just three of the most captivating alternative indie-pop musicians right now.


This “bubblegum pop” four-piece hailing from Vancouver is without a doubt heading toward the top of the music industry. The group, exemplary for fans of The Walters and Summer Salt, creates music that emanates hazy summer evenings and will surely make you want to get up and dance.

Debuting their EP “Sweet FA” in 2018, Peach Pit became an automatic hit with tracks like “Peach Pit” and “Drop the Guillotine” — two songs that capture the band’s ideal sound perfectly. Following their EP later in the year, Peach Pit released their debut album “Being So Normal,” an album that is jammed with groovy and dreamy songs alike.

With hits such as “Alrighty Aphrodite,” a certainly memorable song with an unforgettable riff to match, to “Private Presley,”  a heavenly and lovely song that captures heartbreak in the true style of Elvis Presley’s days spent in the army, “Being So Normal” proves itself to be an astounding and dynamic first album.

After having toured in areas such as the United States and Europe — the four members putting on an incredible show each time — the band returned to the studio to pursue their second album.

With their otherworldly sound, Peach Pit is a band that leaves its listeners wanting more. You surely will not want to miss out on this band.


Under the persona Spookyghostboy, Austin Thomas creates songs that sound like summer and feel like crisp, autumn afternoons. Perfect for fans of Vacations and Far Caspian, Spookyghostboy is bound to be your next new obsession.

Tennessee artist Spookyghostboy started off with the release of his 2016 album “Losing.” The album displays Thomas’s unquestionable talent, instantly gripping listeners with laid back tracks that are paired with dreamy beats and melodic lyrics. From songs like “Losing,” “Rest My Head” and “Just Fine,” Spookyghostboy ensnares the heart and the mind, trapping both in a faraway world of nostalgia. “Losing” will remind you of what it means to be young in summer and alive in autumn.

Spookyghostboy’s followup album “Twenty Something” which was released in 2018, aims only to confirm the direction which Thomas’s sound is headed. With added instruments, lo-fi beats and layered tracks, “Twenty Something” is jam-packed with undeniably catchy and alluring songs that seek the truth behind growing up.

Spookyghostboy is a captivating, mesmerizing musician who will without a doubt become your next new favorite artist. Check out Spookyghostboy’s most recent single “Noise in My Head” for a track that sounds like magic to the ears.


Ideal for fans of Bedroom and Vansire, Dearly Somber is sure to be your next new obsession.

Hailing from Chicago, Dearly Somber debuted 2018 single, “Hey Old Friend,” a low and dreamlike track that instantly enthralls listeners. Starting out with a quiet guitar and ending with a gentle upbeat rhythm, “Hey Old Friend” tells the heart-rending story of love and heartbreak. “Hey Old Friend” is an unforgettable and relatable song, capable of resonating with countless listeners from across the world.

Dearly Somber’s premiere album “Hourglass” was released shortly after. The album is full of songs that capture what Dearly Somber is all about — soft strumming and hushed beats that will make it near impossible for you to not want to get up and sway. From songs such as “Drain the Pool and “Peach Lavender Girl,” listening to Dearly Somber is like experiencing life inside of a dream.

Dearly Somber is enchanting and dreamy, a musician that you definitely do not want to miss out on.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and find your new favorite song from one of these amazing artists!

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