Now Reading: Three New Releases From LGBTQ+ Pop Artists You Should Be Paying Attention To This Pride


Three New Releases From LGBTQ+ Pop Artists You Should Be Paying Attention To This Pride

June 12, 20184 min read

Pride is a time of liberation, happiness and celebration for members of the LGBTQ+ community around the world, and there truly is no better way to heighten those feelings than to have the latest queer anthems from some of the LGBTQ+ community’s most talented musicians on repeat.

Whilst cis-het artists keep being dubbed as “gay icons” there are so many LGBTQ+ artists out there who are much more worthy of that title, and there is no better time than Pride Month to start giving them the recognition that they deserve.

No matter who you are in the LGBTQ+ community, this music is for you. This music is for those of you who want to scream the lyrics from the top of your lungs for everyone to hear, but this music is also for the ones of you who want to plug your headphones in, dance a little bit when no one else is watching, and celebrate your queerness by yourself. This music is yours to love, embrace and make your own.

1) Bloom by Troye Sivan

After coming out as gay to the world via YouTube in 2013, Troye Sivan has truly flourished as a queer artist. Dubbed by the singer-songwriter as a “bop ’bout bottoming” Troye’s most recent release Bloom is most certainly a queer pop anthem. Donning bright red lips, a feathered headpiece and a two-piece floral dress, Troye has turned Bloom’s androgynous, flower-filled music video into a queer haven. With subtle references to the likes of Leigh Bowery, Madonna and Boy George, this unashamedly gay track and gender-boundary-breaking video are both exactly what we need this Pride.

2) What I Need by Hayley Kiyoko feat. Kehlani

Known by some as “Lesbian Jesus”, Hayley Kiyoko is an unashamedly gay pop queen and has always stayed true to herself through her music. For What I Need Kiyoko has pushed the gay agenda one step further, collaborating with none other than Kehlani — who defines as queer — for both the track and the music video. The video starts off with Kehlani escaping her homophobic and abusive home life to embark on a road trip with Kiyoko, before focusing on their blossoming relationship which eventually climaxes with the two of them coming together with a kiss in the middle of a deserted highway. The video is a true celebration of a WLW experience, shown in the same light that has always previously been reserved for straight relationships.

3) If You’re Over Me by Years & Years

Dream-pop trio Years & Years’ lead singer Olly Alexander has always been open about being gay and has often spoken up about the difficulties that being in the LGBTQ+ community brings, using some of his more challenging experiences in the music industry as an example. Whilst the band’s new song If You’re Over Me tells the not-so-original story of trying to stay friends with your ex, the music video for this catchy number makes this concept more captivating than ever with some very sensual dance moves, wandering eyes and striking glittery costumes, all done through a dystopian bisexual love triangle.

Cover image courtesy of Troye Sivan on YouTube, Hayley Kiyoko on YouTube and Years & Years on YouTube


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