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‘To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before’ Actor’s Racist Tweets Revealed

August 20, 20184 min read

On another episode of “either clear out your time line or it’ll catch up with you,” people on Twitter are calling out actor Israel Broussard after several of his racist tweets and likes were uncovered.

Just after Netflix released their adaptation of Jenny Han’s popular YA novel, To All the Boy’s I’ve Loved Before, fans of the movie found tweets from Broussard criticizing the Black Lives Matter movement.

In one tweet, Broussard, who played Josh Sanderson in the film, wrote “hashtags don’t fucking matter. but all lives do. black lives matter. white lives matter. police lives matter.”

In another he wrote, “Black Lives Matter has one goal. Division.”

Other tweets included Broussard talking about Muslims, the Japanese, and the recent immigration crisis involving child detention centers. In one post about Muslims, he wrote, “the biggest slavers in business right now are the Christians and the Muslims. oops, did I say that?” In a post about Japan, the actor wrote, “Dogs can sense earthquakes. Too bad Japan are them all.” As of yesterday, that tweet has been deleted.


Broussard also made a tweet about the current immigration crisis in which thousands of undocumented children were separated from their parents and detained in cages. The actor uploaded a video from CNN where a boarder agent reported that children incarcerated were being “treated humanely.” Broussard tweeted “perspective is important,” apparently in support of what the agent had said, despite the fact that multiple news outlets have reported cases of abuse ranging from sexual assault to children being drugged happening at different detention centers.

Some fans went through Broussard’s likes which turned out to be full of Trump tweets and posts from conservative pundit Ben Shapiro (both whom the actor follows on his account).


Probably the most jarring out of all his likes was one tweet calling the Sandy Hook school shooting a government conspiracy. The tweet was from anti-semitic British conspiracy theorist David Icke. It featured an image saying in bold “Sandy Hook was a Hoax.”

The rest of the photo read, “based on a school gun attack drill which are happening at schools across America. Reason: to traumatize Americans to allow more Big Brother laws and disarm the public while the ‘law enforcement’ is armed like the military.”

Fans didn’t hold back on letting their disappointment be heard. Many called out the actor under his racist tweets, while others made their own tweets warning viewers to throw out any feelings for the actor that might have made it off screen. Some went ahead and called for a future recast of Broussard’s character Josh for any more movies made.

With how much ‘To All the Boys’ means to marginalized groups, specifically Asian-Americans, it’s definitely disappointing to know that some one who helped make this important step towards change for minorities, supports their marginalization, a feeling that fans of Netflix’s show ‘On My Block’ can probably relate to.

At least we know for sure now that Lara Jean picked the right guy after all.

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