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Stranger Things and YouTube: An Interview With Elle Mills

May 10, 20175 min read

First breaking the internet with her viral spin on the Netflix show, Stranger Things, Elle Mills has continued to bring refreshing new content to YouTube twice a week on her channel, ElleofTheMills. Her videos ranging from what if Troy Bolton was like Christian Grey to helping her friends get prom dates, bachelorette style. Her content gives viewers not only a glimpse into the creative mind of Elle but also a look into her life, family, and friends. Talking with Elle Mills last week, she discussed her new found fame, being a Youtuber full-time and some of the struggles she has come across.

Let’s start off with the cliche, how did you start doing YouTube?

Elle: I’ve always been a huge YouTube fan as well as someone who loved making home videos so naturally when I got my first computer and my first camera, I began uploading YouTube videos.

When and why did you decide to make YouTube a full-time thing?

Elle: I made YouTube a full-time thing in July of 2016. I had always been making videos but was super inconsistent. I knew that my channel wasn’t growing because of my inconsistency and so I decided that if I really wanted [to] gain an audience, I gotta invest time into it, and I decided to do that right after I graduated high school.

What sparked your interest to do If Stranger Things was a Romantic Comedy?

Elle: When I made If Stranger Things Were A Romantic Comedy, Strangers Things had just recently come out and everyone was talking about it. I binge watched it all in one day and fell in love with it. I had made fan trailers before, specifically for Glee, and I also was more invested in the romantic comedy side of Stranger Things so I decided to give a Stranger Things rom-com trailer a go. And thank God I did.

What do you hope to get out of YouTube?

Elle: I hope to gain a lot of experience and opportunities. Media has always been a huge interest of mine and I hope that YouTube will allow me to have a long time career in the field.

How do you feel about how fast your fan base is growing?

Elle: I think it is absolutely insane how fast my fan base is growing. I am so grateful. I remember how happy I was when I hit 500 subscribers back in August and now I’m almost at 100,000** which is insane. Everyone is super sweet and so supportive. I love it.

If you could change one part of YouTube what would it be?

Elle: If I could change one part of YouTube, it would DEFINITELY BE THE COPYRIGHT SITUATION. It’s a pain in my ass.

Your favorite thing about making videos?

Elle: My favorite thing about making videos is getting my creative juices going, producing content I’m proud of and getting an immediate response to it.

Your least favorite thing about making videos?

Elle: My least favorite part would be how time-consuming and creatively draining it is. Let me tell you… making videos is no fun when you’ve got a creative block.

How do you come up with your video ideas?

Elle: My video ideas come from my everyday life! I could be chatting with someone and then BOOM! “That’s actually a hilarious video idea!” It’s honestly as easy as that. It’s almost always sparked from a situation that has occurred to me in my day to day life!

What do you hope people get from watching your videos?

Elle: I hope people honestly just get a laugh from my videos. It’s a heartwarming feeling to make people laugh so if my videos are doing that, then I’m very happy.

Any advice for someone who wants start making videos?

Elle: Just do it. Be consistent and be creative. If you keep posting and genuinely believe that your content is good, I swear one day you will hit your goal. Also, utilize your friends and family as they will be your first and number one supporters.

Check Elle’s YouTube Channel, ElleofTheMills and her Twitter, @millselle.

Update: Elle reached 100,000 subscribers after her interview and before the publishing of the article.

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