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Troye Sivan Making History at the 28th Annual GLAAD Awards

April 1, 20173 min read

There’s no doubt in my mind that Troye Sivan is one of the most influential LGBTQ+ artists there is. It seems as if I’m not the only one that thinks so, though. At the young age of 21, Troye will be the youngest recipient of the Stephen F. Kolzak Award at the 28th annual GLAAD Media Awards. The GLAAD Media Awards were made recognize and honor media for their inclusive representations of the LGBTQ+ community and the issues that affect their lives. And If I’m being completely honest, I can’t think of anyone more deserving of this award.

Sivan started his YouTube channel when he was only 12 years old and since then, his career has gone nowhere but up. At around age 15, he came out to his parents and only 3 years later did he make a coming out video to his by then-half-million followers. His coming out video (with now over 7 million views) was his way of giving back to the community that helped him throughout his own struggles.

The video itself was posted around the time he was about to sign his record deal. “It allowed me from day one to write music that was completely honest,” he said in his exclusive video for Rolling Stone Magazine. He didn’t want to officially start his music career “closeted” and personally, I’m glad he didn’t. I might be biased given the fact that I’ve been following Troye’s journey for a while now but his music means so much to many. He isn’t afraid to express himself through his music videos and lyrics.

One song in particular called “Heaven” was specifically about his coming out experience. Back in November of 2015, Sivan decided to post a video that perfectly depicted the emotions this song gives you. Then in January of 2017 (the day before Trump officially took office), he decided to post the music video that came along with it.

As I’ve mentioned before, though, Troye isn’t afraid to be 100% himself in his music. Sarah Kate Ellis – the GLAAD President and CEO – says that Troye “has quickly become a leading voice of his generation and sends a message of hope and empowerment with every song, music video, and social post.” I couldn’t agree more. Troye’s encouragement for today’s youth is one the reasons he’s more than deserving of this award. With past honorees like Laverne Cox and Ellen DeGeneres, I know this is only the start for an individual like Troye Sivan and I can’t wait to see what’s next for him.

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