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Velvet Vanity Cosmetics : A Review on Their Velvety Products

May 29, 20197 min read

Disclaimer: These products were generously sponsored by Velvet Vanity Cosmetics Malaysia.

Being constantly on-the-go and a beauty enthusiast all at the same time is huge work, especially when you’ve got to juggle college and life as a writer without losing the perfect balance in both. To me, this was a great dilemma until I’ve discovered Velvet Vanity Cosmetics, a completely cruelty-free, vegan and fun makeup brand that’s based in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It made daily make-up less of a hustle. Each of their products has elements of youth culture in them that’s perfect for the busy lives of youth worldwide. It’s also Tati Westbrook approved.

Just last year, Tati uploaded a YouTube video that featured some great indie brands and Velvet Vanity Cosmetics was featured alongside Vanessa’s Vanity, Texas House of Glitters, Beauty Escape Cosmetics and a few other beauty brands. I assume that by now you would want to know more about this great cosmetic find, so I’ve got a chance to review their amazing products and here’s my take on it.



Photo generously provided by Velvet Vanity Cosmetics Malaysia

Formulated with an infusion of Oenothera biennis oil a.k.a (write this out), evening primrose oil, which is known for its anti-oxidant and nourishing properties, this liquid matte lipstick is absolutely creamy and leaves your lips feeling light-weight all day long as though, there wasn’t any lipstick used. Just a swipe of the applicator would be enough to get an opaque look, however, I do suggest using a lip liner prior application to avoid having a messy finish. The lipstick dried up really fast post-application, and I was quite surprised for it to be quite moisturizing as most fast-drying matte lipsticks would leave me with dry lips. In this way, applying lipstick would be a breeze as I do not have to wait for my lipstick to settle in for a long time. The liquid matte lipsticks are available in 13 different colors and shades but my personal fave was Baewatch, which is a warm terracotta orange color.

This was my first orange lipstick as I was always doubtful that orange or any other colors would suit me as much as the color pink or red. Turns out, I was wrong and it did look great on me. However, I definitely would suggest staying away from greasy food as the product has a tendency to wear off especially, after a satisfying meal of pizza.



Courtesy of Velvet Vanity Cosmetics Malaysia

From its name, you would have known that this lipstick is super slim but to me, there’s more to that fact, actually. The size of the lipstick makes it super portable that it could fit the tiniest of space, for instance, a sling bag or even the back pocket of your jeans. It’s quite smooth on your lips and the amount of coverage of the lipstick is quite buildable so, if you’re the subtle type, a light swipe of it would be enough or if you’re feeling bold, you could just increase the amount of lipstick used. The plus point; it smells great too and it actually reminded me of milk chocolates.

Courtesy of Velvet Vanity Cosmetics Malaysia

This product comes in 6 different colors and I used Crazy Classic, a brownish-pink color for a whole day. Unlike the Liquid Matte Lipstick which was moisturizing, this product had a satin feel to it and it was light-weight too. I did not have to avoid greasy food as the lipstick stayed put and I could eat freely without having to check the condition of my lips for the umpteenth time.



Courtesy of Velvet Vanity Cosmetics Malaysia

I’m saving the best for the last! This innovative product is not your average blush. It’s actually a 2-in-1 cheek and lip color formulated with argan oil that could be used as a blush and also as a lip tint. It’s a water based product so you wouldn’t have to worry about clogged pores It’s also non-sticky, easy to blend and waterproof hence, you would not have to worry about the durability of the product on your face after a sweaty day. This comes in 3 shades; Taffy; a barbie pink shade, Sundaze; a coral pink and Finesse; a warm pink nude. I’ve tried Taffy and my only doubt was the suitability of the color on my skin as I didn’t want to look like I’ve overdone my makeup. Well, actually, it turned out to be quite great on my skin. It gave a natural radiance to my skin, as though I didn’t use the product and when I tried it out for my lips as a lip tint, the results were great too. It did not irritate my skin and everything felt naturally in place.


Below are the color swatches of the products from Velvet Vanity Cosmetics that I’ve tried on my own skin:

From top swatch: Super Slim Stick, Liquid Matte Lipstick in Baewatch, Glo With The Flow in Taffy, © Preevena Devi Jayabalan

To wind-up this beauty review, I would strongly recommend Velvet Vanity Cosmetics’ beauty products to those who love bold colors and are not afraid to step out of their comfort zone. For more information on Velvet Vanity Cosmetics and their products, log on onto their website or you could even get the latest news and product updates via their Instagram page.


Featured Image Courtesy of Velvet Vanity Cosmetics Malaysia

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