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We All Want A Relationship Like Malec’s From ‘Shadowhunters’

February 22, 20183 min read

Get ready mundanes, Shadowhunters is coming back to our TV screens on March 30th! And if the new Valentine’s Day-inspired promo featuring the fan-favorite power couple of Magnus Bane and Alec Lightwood is any indication, this season will be the most promising yet.

The show follows a team of demon-hunting youth as they deal with the politics of not only their realm but the trials and tribulations of warlocks, vampires, werewolves, and faeries (oh my!).

It’s actually really important to mention politics when talking about Malec as a couple because, in both the source material and in the TV series adaptation, the sensitivity of their relationship comes up. The magical Clave government frowns upon same-sex relationships (although less so in the TV series). There’s also the fact that Alec is a Shadowhunter while Magnus is a warlock.

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But what makes them one of the most popular couples on TV? 

If you ask me, it’s because they both are already so aware of the fact that they know what they want and are fully willing to give it. They never get mad at each other because they’re simply mad about each other. They do it because they know they can be better and once they find that out, they become an even better couple because of it.

The reasons to jump on the Malec bandwagon don’t stop there. The pair is also highly praised for being one of the few interracial couples on TV. Alec is caucasian and Magnus is Asian. This relationship’s bae goal points just keep going up.

The genuine love and care shine through in every scene that viewers have the pleasure of seeing. There is a scene in Season 2 where Magnus and Alec break up and I can truthfully say that it’s unlike any breakup scene I have seen on TV in my life. We all have that moment in our relationship where we tell our lovers that we are scared of losing them. Well, what do you know? Magnus reveals that losing Alec is his biggest fear. Tell me about a more dedicated TV pairing! I’ll wait.

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They’re honest and dependable in ways that go beyond the average and the surface-level. There are several complexities to their relationship that never go unnoticed.

Malec is damn near everything that you’d want in any couple.

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