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We Ranked The Best Food And Drinks At Firefly Music Festival

June 17, 20184 min read

Music festivals are always about the music and dancing. Many people don’t realize the food is just as important. Firefly has capitalized on this and along with their music lineup, they have a food line-up filled with interesting and diverse food options for the duration of the festival. The food line-up was truly overwhelming because all of the options looked so good. Sadly I could only try a few just for you, it was hard (not really) but someone had to do it!


Immediately when I looked at these mozzarella sticks, I knew that I would be in love. What’s special about these sticks is that they are sprinkled in cheese and the sauce was sprinkled as well. I took a bite into it and it was really gooey and chewy, it was also breaded wonderfully as well, the breading had some spices in it. The sauce complimented the mozzarella sticks. All in all, I would rank it #1 because it was really amazing from the sauce to the cheese.

2.Tacos, Nachos Y Mas

I am a huge taco fan, anywhere I go I will search for the closest taco spot and test it out. Due to me being a big taco connoisseur, I am judgemental about my tacos. The night prior I ate some tacos at another stand and it didn’t taste the best. I didn’t want to be let down at Firefly, so I tried Tacos Nachos Y Mas. I immediately fell in love with their pork carnitas taco. I was disappointed that they only gave you two, I feel as though it should have been three! What I loved the most about these tacos is that the pico de gallo complimented the lettuce and everything else in the taco. I ranked this at #2 because it was really good, but not better than the mozzarella sticks of course!

3. The Pop Shop

Drinks are just as important as food, especially in this heat. Sometimes you just need a refreshing cup of juice to cool you down. I was able to get a Lime-Mint spritzer from The Pop Shop and it truly changed my life. I was so close to buying more cups because it just wasn’t enough. The drink contains lime, a spritzer, sugar and I believe water! It was truly refreshing and a great break from drinking just water. It deserves the #4 spot!

4. Wok On The Wild Side

This is actually one of my favorites, but I find that there are more vegetables than actual noodles and that turns me off. I found myself graveling for more noodles which took away from the taste personally for me! Despite this, I really do love that it taste significantly different from the other noodles I have tried. Many people prefer Island Noodles but I like Wok On The Wild Side better. It deserves the #4 spot!

5. Pizza Nova

I have tried a ton of pizza in my lifetime, so I know what’s good and bad pizza. Pizza Nova wasn’t bad at all, but it wasn’t the best for me personally! The taste for me left a lot to be desired and although I got a cheese pizza, it tasted like it had hints of pepperoni which turned me off! That’s why I ranked it at #5


So there you have it, these were my favorite foods from Firefly 2018!

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