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Meet Brockhampton, Your Newest Obsession

June 8, 20173 min read

Brockhampton is a fast emerging “boyband” full of many artistic and musical talents such as; rappers, designers, producers, engineers, and a DJ, primarily from Texas, but now based in South Central Los Angeles. Though the actual number of members are unconfirmed, some of the members include Kevin Abstract, Matt Champion, Ameer Vann, Merlyn Wood, Romil HemnaniDom McLennon, Bearface, and JOBA.

Brockhampton represents the real face of a modern day “American Boyband”, a fresh take on what a music collective “should” look like, encompassed with many different talents, ethnicities, and backgrounds that come together to create such perfect artistry. Too often in the music industry, we see groups forcefully placed together in an effort to appeal to a certain audience or to seem more “diverse” by placing at least one POC rather than focusing on raw new talent. But, Brockhampton has both diversity and raw talent making them a serious force to be reckoned with.

Beginning as “AliveSinceForever”, Brockhampon released their debut single “BET I” along with the video released the following year. Brockhampton then dropped their second single “HERO”, and it was then after that it was declared that Brockhampton had won VFiles Loud, an online talent contest focused on finding great collectives, and with that win came a new single, “Dirt”, and professionally directed music video which aired on MTV. In March 2016, they released their debut mixtape “ALL-AMERICAN TRASH” which showcased the individual talents of each member. Upon researching Brockhampton, one amazing difference about them is that even though they can be defined to be in the Alternative hip-hop or R&B genre, Brockhampton’s sound is so unique with influences from many different music styles from punk to pop to hip-hop, that it would be almost criminal to restrict them to one genre.

Since May 2017, Brockhampton has been releasing many videos and singles which have greatly increased their popularity. Many of the videos directed by Kevin Abstract include a vast array of colors and mind-blowing imagery and editing done by Henock Sileshi, an amazing designer, and director. And what makes their videos even better? That they are shot right in Brockhampton’s neighboorhood. There’s no large budget or hired actors, everything is simple, but the finished project looks very professional. Brockhampton’s talent will definitely not go unnoticed and they will one day get the recognition that they deserve.

There are many things in store for Brockhampton with the premiere of “AMERICAN BOYBAND”, a tv show following the life of Kevin Abstract on his first headlining U.S. tour and other members of Brockhampton as their popularity begins to rise, airing on “VICELAND” on Thursday, June 8 and the release of their new album “Saturation” on Friday, June 9.

Watch Brockhampton’s video for their single, “Gold” along with their new single “Lamb“.

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