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What We’re Hoping To See In ‘One Day At A Time’ Season 2

August 24, 20172 min read


It’s no secret that Netflix’s One Day At A Time was easily one of the most progressive and important shows – especially sitcoms – that came out of 2017. Which is why I was super pumped to hear that it got renewed for season 2, earlier this year in March.

The 13 episode Season 1 tackled important issues such as PTSD, immigration, sexism, feminism, and we got to see 15-year-old Elena Alvarez (Isabella Gomez) coming to terms with her sexuality in a storyline rarely shown on screen.

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Before we talk about details that are confirmed for Season 2, let’s discuss some questions about what we would like to happen:

  • Will Elena Alvarez get a girlfriend? Now that she took the step to come out to her family, will she start openly dating girls as she progresses through high school? I think it would be a great storyline, and who knows, maybe they will even include Elena’s friend, Carmen.
  • What will become of Victor (Elena and Alex Alvarez’s Father)? Will we see him getting the help with sobriety that he needs? Will he try to be more accepting and apologize to his daughter?
  • Will Abuelita Lydia and Dr Berkowitz start dating?
  • Will we see more of Jill (Haneefah Wood), Penelope’s veteran friend?

The cast and creators of the Netflix show spilled some details on what season 2 might hold on the Sony Stage at TCA.

“This season follows up with the family as they move on past the trauma of the Quinceanera [from season 1],” (Source)

One Day At A Time Season 2 will also touch on the Trump Administration:

“We’re addressing them in world where 45 is president and we’ll deal with specific things,” she said. “There’s an overall feeling and demeanor in how this family feels and how [the presidency] affects a Latino family.”

What are you hoping to see when One Day At A Time returns for season 2 in 2018? Let us know in the comments below!

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