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Why Did the Game of Thrones Characters Do This?

July 25, 20173 min read

Spoilers for Episode 2 

Episode 2 “Stormborn” of Game of Thrones came out this Sunday chock full of action and heartbreak. There was betrayal and heartbreak, as always, but the burning question that seems to be on everyone’s mind is- why? Due to the sheer size of the television show, it’s easy to miss some key points that explain why the characters are acting the way they are. Here is an explanation for three of them.

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That’s Not You

Wait, does that mean that wolf wasn’t Nymeria? Not quite. This is a reference to season one where Arya was quite a bit smaller, but still as adamant that she wouldn’t be put into dresses or live the life that she was supposed to. When confronted by her father about a life full of babies, marriage, and husbands; she simply says “that’s not me”. When Arya says her line “that’s not you” to Nymeria leaving her – she understands that a life in court, surrounded by humans, just wouldn’t cut it for the dire wolf. She has her own pack now and she can’t leave them to fend for themselves.

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Theon Jumping Ship

Coward seems to be the reaction of a large group of people, but is that really justified? Let’s look at this from a strategic point of view. Had he tried to rush his uncle, his sister would be more or less dead. Why wouldn’t he jump and live to fight another day? This is war after all. Moreover, why should he be any different from his sister? It is quite arguable that she is a much better fighter and leader than he is, yet she still left him to Ramsay and the dogs. Thirdly, Ramsay. All around him Theon could see people being tortured, killed, all things that mirrored what had happened when he was ‘Reek’. He’s a trauma survivor and it was too much for him. That doesn’t make him a coward.

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Mama, Mama

Possible spoilers, this is a prediction. There is a scene in which two of the Sand Snakes tease the third about always going on about Ellaria, her mother, and later on, the two of them are captured by Euron’s men. It’s highly possible that this has been used to mirror the situation between Cersei and Myrcella, the latter of which was the victim of poisoning that had been carried out by Ellaria. Now that her daughter’s murderer is being taken back to King’s Landing with her own daughter… well we all know what Cersei will be like.

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