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quickening her pace to make it to the train before it’s doors fully closed, olivia sat in the first place her alerted eyes landed on.
her mind was going a million thoughts per second, and she couldn’t focus on her surroundings completely.
breathing slowly and giving herself words of encouragement, she fished in the bag that was situated by her feet for the biology text she was supposed to read for the class she just had gotten out of.
looking around, olivia finally focused on the first word on the page that was in view.
gentle whispers distracted her soon enough. turning to the side, she shushed nate.
this continued for another couple of stations and it was getting harder for olivia to hide the smile that was forming on her face.
he knew it too.
giggles and another series of whispers, now coming from both of them, filled the small space shared in between their seats.
averting her eyes back to the text, olivia tried to steady her beating heart and focus once more.
eventually, she got distracted again, but this time by a lady that was seconds away from getting off the train.
she was looking at olivia with a sad smile and staring at the seat next to her as if it was nothing.
she couldn’t understand why that lady ignored nate’s existence in that way.
he was there, olivia was sure.
or was just her mind playing tricks on her again?
with a sigh, she got off the train but not without looking back at the clear image of nate waving her goodbye.

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Belén Villalobos

nineteen years old from ba. usually overly caffeinated writing short stories about people she sees on trains.

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