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Why Female Rappers Will Never Win Without A Feud

December 31, 20173 min read

In 2017, a new wave of female rappers have arrived in the rap scene as new and fresh artists that have truly dominated the charts in the music industry. We have been introduced to new faces and voices, such as Cardi B, Kash Doll, Princess Nokia and Cupcakke, who have emerged to what I truly believe is their come of relevance in 2017. However, 2017 also marked a new tide of male rappers, who have this compulsion for putting ‘lil’ followed by a random word as their stage name. Ahem.

While everyone welcomes this pristine influx of rappers who hail from all backgrounds and genders, there has been a certain trend amongst female rappers and their fans of starting unnecessary feuds with each other. For example, people like comparing Cardi B to Nicki Minaj. The comparison makes both fans overanalyze everything they post just to get juicy info on their fan-made-instigated drama.

Even when both of the ladies collaborated for a song, “Motorsport,” people would still insist their verses were going at each other, despite the fact that Cardi and Nicki have dismissed these rumors for months now.

Cardi B in the “Motorsport” video.

In the current age, the general public has seemed to accept the fact that only one woman can “reign” as the queen of rap, or in perspective, one person can ONLY take the spotlight of being a female rapper. People can’t seem to look past the point that people such as Cardi, Nicki and other female rappers have innovative and inventive songs that others rappers fail to deliver.

While social media debates on who has better verses, beats and flows, people understate the reality that is these new male rappers, who have the almost exact stage name and similar beats to each other, get almost zero to no controversies with other male artists. Through the decades, beef, drama or any type of feud is usually associated with female artists or rappers.

To have social media instigate beef between two male artists would seem unorthodox, because one wouldn’t call another out and start online slap fights, right?

Unless we begin to understand that titles like “Queen of Rap” or “King of Rap” are deemed useless to begin with — multiple scandals and feuds have been started because of those titles alone — the new generation of female artists will continue to have these issues to face.

The need to have a single person “win” at their career or talent is only possible through fights or some sort of bickering, and this usually ends with pitting women against each other, rather than allowing every female artist to thrive as a separate. Here is to hoping that this outcome will eventually change for the better.

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