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Why ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Is the Perfect Show to Binge

January 6, 20184 min read

A good show to binge needs a few essential factors. The most important being that it is actually interesting and something you’d want to watch. The next being that it has a healthy amount of episodes per season and a good amount of seasons. Ideally, it is best that the show being binged has already finished airing, this way you are not held captive by those pesky cliffhangers we all hate so much but are sometimes unavoidable.

I will be the first to admit that binge-watching can become addictive, and you can become consumed by the show. Something I find helpful is finding something that won’t turn you directly to mush. These types of shows are typically something that will make you hold onto your seat and something with hopefully at least a little educational value.

Recently, I started to watch Grey’s Anatomy. I have been told over and over just how amazing it is, but that it comes with great sadness and heartache. That could not be more true. The plot itself follows a group of young and eager surgical interns and focuses in on one Meredith Grey and her close group of friends, each of who couldn’t be more different from one another.

Meredith herself is the daughter of a surgical legend and shows lots of promise. Izzie is a driven and passionate individual who modeled to get her way through medical school, seeing as she could not have even come close to affording it otherwise. George comes from a family in which not many have experience with higher education, leading to him constantly doubting himself. Cristina is an intense and extremely promising individual with a lack of some key social skills, but that’s just what makes her so great. Last but not least there is Alex, a somewhat outsider to the group due to his insane ego and crude comments, which lead him to making a risky decision both in and out of surgery. It also has the very necessary, complex group of love triangles and affairs. Each pairing brings something new that affects the performance and plot very heavily.

Grey’s Anatomy is the definition of the perfect show to binge watch. While it has not finished airing, it does have a healthy 14 seasons, with a great amount of episodes per season (ranging around 25). It helps you learn just a little about what working in the medical field is like, but it isn’t something that is mind-numbing. It keeps you on your toes with plot twists and turns, which make it even more intriguing than you ever thought could be possible. Each aspect of this show is so different and unique and brings something totally new and crazy to each situation, like the wide range in character personalities, for example.

So if you need something new to watch and you want to be kept on the edge of your seat, I suggest Grey’s Anatomy. You won’t get bored, and you will also learn a little bit from it. Binge-watching is an art, and Grey’s Anatomy is like the Mona Lisa.

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