Another Race Poem

January 6, 20181 min read

As a Black young male living in America, I am a part of an endangered species, and that needs to be changed. We as a society have become ignorant to the constant aggression toward African Americans in modern times, and it must stop now.

Brother, why you dying in yo momma’s arms

By men who have the legal right to bear arms

Ok now, where my rights go

I feel scared to go into a grocery store

Don’t wanna get stopped, pop dropped and shot

And my people in streets, cuz they let the cop walk

Now ain’t that a paradox

They killed men like ox

But when one of them pops off

They don’t get locked up

Busy talking about vine, while hundred of black men don’t live to see another day

Justice — I’m not sure what that is

But whatever it is, it’s surely not this

And if people think what they doing ain’t wrong

Then the hope of this country has been so long gone

This world needs to change

We need to do our own thing

To unite as one

And get the job done

Whether you’re black, white, red, yellow, purple

We need to come together in a circle

180 our opinion

And not let vision make decision

But let us see each other’s hearts

And together we’ll go far

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Tre Edgerton

I a young poet striving to unite the red, white, blue and black, brown, and white.

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