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Why Jennifer Niven Should Be Your New Favorite Author

December 9, 20173 min read

Jennifer Niven is an author who targets her books towards teens. To say the least, her work is fantastic. I am an avid reader. If you’re like me and you can’t stand an unrealistic book about teens that is for teens, you should look into her books (they’ll change your life). A good book is something you can absolutely lose yourself in; you become a part of it. Jennifer Niven creates this environment in her books that are similar to that of a real-life teenager sometimes it feels like she might just be spying on you.

One of her books, “All the Bright Places” happens to be one of my favorites. It is not only the amazing, detailed and heartfelt story that I love about this book, but also the style of writing. The book is written from two perspectives (the two main characters) it is unlikely to find a book like this. This way you can feel the emotion each character feels. It gives a whole new dimension to a story when you can see the story from two different points of view.

The characters themselves are pretty much opposites. Violet is defined by her need, and yearning to move on from her small town and start to live, while Finch waits for the day he dies.

Without giving away any of what happens I want you to know how special of a book this is. This unlikely yet somehow perfect pair is an perfect example of what it means when opposites attract. At the beginning of the book, one of them is on a ledge when the other saves thenm and from that point on they began to save each other. They go out together, they face hardships together, they pull each other up, and they push each other down. They are just like you and just like me.

This book is sad, it has an unexpected plot twists and it helps one realize just how valuable life is.

Jennifer Niven so expertly illustrates the challenges teenagers face each day, and that might just be the most tragic part about it.

This book tells of stories that many sadly relate to.

It is incredible to find a book like this one. One that makes you feel such emotion. It makes you angry, sad, happy and fearful for these characters fate all at the same time.

If you want to get lost in a story about two people who start off by saving one another, and face some incredible challenges along the way, I suggest this book.

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