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An Itch That’s Too Dangerous to Scratch

December 9, 20174 min read

As Amalia sat in the far right corner of the auditorium, she listened intently as her peers made Hamlet seem like some C-span broadcast. She soon realized that it was already noon and she needed to eat. She decides to ignore her hunger. It isn’t the two dollar lunches she was craving. The hard and lifeless pizzas, no no no. What she wanted was a little too dangerous to get and the repercussions would be too risky for her to handle unless she had her passport with her again. But sadly that passport is in a storage all the way in the center of the city, and she’s just too lazy to go and take it out.

As she heard the final scenes of the play she sat reminiscing about the time she was in Germany and ran around in Berlin about three semesters ago. Christoffer, Sofia, and Ray were rich, powerful and always bored, looking for the next thrill. Amalia got along with them pretty well, they would drag her along to their lavish parties that their parents would throw, their parents were all army men and college intellectuals, and their mothers professors or entrepreneurs. The four of them would always chatter about many things sports, movies, and the latest underground parties. At one of those parties is where Amalia got her little eating habit. It was called “The Cellar” a slightly large, dark warehouse where bodies danced to trans music in wild movements looking like modern worshipers of Dionysus and also partake in paganism. After a ceremony for the moon, an extremely pierced woman gave the four of them black cups and with a smile said “drink”, Christoffer was the first one to realize that the thick warm substance was blood, fresh human blood. Christoffer fled, worried that it might have had something in it. Amalia felt intoxicated by it, draining the group’s cups one by one, so did Ray.

Ray and Amalia spent the rest of the summer on learning how to deal with this newfound taste for human flesh. They would usually pick off people on highways and empty streets, luring them into Ray’s shiny BMW for safety comfort. It was fun but it became a slow deterioration, obsessing over the next victim, the drinking, and the eating. Ray and Amalia became broken images of their former selves. Amalia killed the old her and gave birth to this hunter, a depraved predator. Her father thought she started doing hard drugs, but Sofia and Christoffer knew the truth, so they sent Ray to Belgium for a semester and Amalia back to her hometown.

Once she came home she settled with eating too raw meat and stealing from blood banks, that was until her father found the blood bags. She was forced to become vegan, she hated it, it had been a while since she’d eaten a person, she sometimes wonders if would get an allergic reaction to it. But to calm this itch, would be a little too dangerous to scratch. Her thoughts were disturbed when James, the soccer captain sat next to her and asked her what was she doing this weekend and she responded going out with you. Her face of giddiness wasn’t of the date it was if this was going to be her first victim, well, she said to herself I’d never tried a fit one before.

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