Writer’s Block

August 22, 20172 min read

I wrote this poem because as creatives, we all know what it’s like to get stuck in a rut and not know what to do next. This poem helps me snap out of it a lot of times and makes me feel at ease about my writer’s block. It also helps knowing I’m not the only one in this. 

Sometimes, it’s in my head
But it won’t come on paper
And sometimes, it’s not in my head
But I want it on paper

Such is the mysterious nature
Of the peculiar creature of habit
The writer’s block
It comes and it goes

It’s the bane of my existence
And it really implores
It begs me to stop
It runs amok
Making me irrational
And misled
Making me question my own abilities
And making me doubt everything
Just about everything

I feel like my world is crashing
In that moment
I feel like it’s over
I’m over

I know I’m not
But goddamnit writer’s block

My heart is twitching
My stomach is in knots
I want to pull my hair out
And yell, scream, and shout a lot
I want to scratch my skin off
And fry my brain
Why won’t you work
Why won’t you just be sane

It doesn’t budge
It sits there
Watching me
Laughing at me

Then I do what it least expects me to
I pick up my pen
And put it on paper
I start writing
I keep writing
I don’t stop

It gets impatient
And insecure
It’s getting up
Approaching me again
Hoping to deviate me
But my momentum is increasing
I’m writing
I’m writing
I’m writing

And the writer’s block?
It’s going
It’s going
It’s gone.

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Arushi Tandon

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