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Why “The CW” Is The Worst TV Network

July 24, 20174 min read

Now I know most of us TV watchers have created preconceived notions about each and every television network and their reputations over the years, but none can top the infamously, deplorably, and repetitively disrespectful actions viewed on and off-screen as The CW.

First, let’s start off with the fact that The CW absolutely butchers almost every one of it’s TV series with either bad writing, bad actingqueerbaiting, and the mistreatment of the actors of colour that play various characters.

The CW has always made headlines for their numerous shows that have failed to have a greater impact on audiences, contributing to the mixed reviews held about the network by the general public. One of the network’s longest-running series, The Vampire Diaries, has also been scrutinized for it’s treatment of people of colour (Sensing a theme here?). Overused themes and tropes seem to be a part of The CW’s messy arsenal of writing utensils as they romanticize statutory rape, glorify domestically abusive relationships (Yes I’m talking to you, Karamel and Delena lovers), And let’s not forget the despicable queerbaiting that occurred on The 100, making it “…the culprit one of the biggest queerbaiting events in the history of TV.” 

Most recently, the cast of The CW’s Supergirl attended San Diego Comic Con and enraged the LGBTQ+ community by mocking the fan’s adoration for a f/f ship that means a lot to many people, including me. Personally, I felt like I was being laughed at, and told that I wasn’t valid in their eyes; leading to the disappointing yet undeniable realisation that I officially can’t stomach or trust any of the show’s on The CW.

“But just because two female characters are just friends and the ship is not official does not mean it is okay to invalidate it and make the whole fanbase sound delusional.” (The Supergirl Cast Just Disrespected Their LGBTQ+ Fans at SDCC)

The CW’s constant disrespect of the LGBTQ+ community has impacted the ratings for the network severely over the years, and TVByTheNumbers gave The CW’s recent performance a 66.7% failure rating and stated:  “This was the first season since 2013-14 in which The CW canceled more than one new series.

Moreover, the cast that The CW hires for their floppy shows only reflects their true morals. For instance, on Riverflop- I mean Riverdale, Lili Reinhart who plays Betty Cooper did this horrendous interview where she compared the probability of lesbian relationships to that of fanfiction. And still, Lili isn’t particularly the most problematic cast member on Riverdale, being that they have the mess that is Cole Sprouse (Jughead Jones) and KJ Apa (Archie Andrews) who has fatshamed girls on instagram. Not to mention when The 100 had a cast member who was under fire for several racist tweets, and was later let go.

So besides having show-runners that get too obsessed and controlling over a series’ direction (*Cough* Plec and Rothenberg *Cough*), not promoting the series that actually deserve praise (Jane the Virgin, etc), destroying comic book characters, hiring problematic people who can’t act, bad writers, and complete lack of respect for their LGBTQ+ fans, I can’t help but look at the declining ratings and laugh.

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Matthew Reid

Matthew Reid is a 20 year old Canadian student majoring in Television and Video Production. He is a self proclaimed intersectional feminist, comic-book geek, and avid baby carrot enthusiast. — Contact him at [email protected]