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Why You Should Travel To Tulum Instead of Cancun

January 15, 20184 min read

Cancun is a vibrantly popular tourist destination known for its beautiful beaches and party culture. In 2015 alone Cancun was visited by over 4.8 million tourists. Many high school students and college students come to Cancun to take advantage of the alcohol and non-stop parties. Fortunately for many young adults, the drinking age in Mexico is 18. While Cancun’s party culture can be enticing for some, it can also be a turn-off for many. That’s why many people are choosing to venture south to Tulum.

Tulum is a quiet little town south of Cancun—about 2-3 hours driving. What sets Tulum apart from Cancun is Tulum’s emphasis on being eco-friendly and laid-back. During my stay in Tulum, I frequently saw vegan restaurants with many serving vegan tacos. One of the key natural wonders of Tulum are the many cenotes—deep natural wells or sinkholes.

Due to Tulum being eco-friendly, many of the hotels are as well. Luckily, I got the chance to stay at Manglex. Manglex is an eco-hotel that boasts itself on preserving the environment. Instead of a single building, the hotel has single cabanas. There are only about 8 cabanas and the hotel doesn’t plan on building anymore to avoid destroying any trees or areas. To conserve energy, the hotel has a policy where electricity turns off until 6pm. Though I at first thought this was extreme, my sentiments towards the lack of electricity soon changed. It was a great break to not be on social media or checking my phone; I was able to actually have fun and truly live in the moment.

What makes the hotel even more impressive is that there is a private cenote for people staying there. With the private cenote, the hotel provides a kayak for you to explore with. I ventured out and explored the cenote with my kayak and discovered a very beautiful view filled with many birds. Although cenotes appear very dark, the water is super clean and clear. Altogether, something about the kayak ride was very calming and a great release.

Overall, I would honestly recommend Manglex if you’re in Tulum and are passionate about saving the earth. I would stay at Manglex again because you’re doing good for the environment when staying there. The most remarkable part of the trip was I was actually able to see the stars in the sky! Due to Manglex not having a lot of lights at night, I was able to enjoy the stars for the first time in perhaps years. Manglex is a hotel that is doing good and trying to do good in a society that is destroying the earth we know as our home.

While in Tulum, I recommend going to Coco Tulum. The view is so beautiful and the food is delicious as well. I ordered some tacos there and they were some of the best I have had!

With all the vegan taco eateries, vegan ice-cream and eco-friendly hotels, Tulum is the place you should consider instead of Cancun if you aren’t into the party scene! Tulum is slower and I was able to ride a bike to everywhere because of the many bike paths. The people were the nicest I have ever met and the food was delicious!

Thanks to Manglex for the hotel stay. The stay was complimentary, all opinions are my own. 

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